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Q-talk 93 - Its Alive!

Dave Richardson Stow, OH

My Tri-Q2 has finally taxied under its own power! Before I tried a powered taxi test, a couple of friends pushed the plane with me at the controls to see if the brakes worked. Two test pushes showed the plane stopped straight with reasonable pressure on the brakes. Once the engine fired up, I called to have the chocks removed. After adding a little throttle, the Tri-Q2 was rolling. I immediately tested both brakes again and the plane stopped as expected. I then tested the left and right brakes individually and they passed with flying colors. Confident that the plane was controllable, I pointed the plane to the right, made a 180-degree turn to the left and easily stopped the plane straight ahead. Unfortunately we were limited on time and had to conclude the testing at that point, but I was very pleased with the first step and I'm looking forward to progressing from two dimensions to three!

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