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A current member may have one free Ad per issue. It may be a maximum of five lines of my type and will be edited to fit space available. If you want to take up more space, call me for rate. Free advertising is a courtesy and this is not Trade-a-Plane. Items advertised must be for or owned by the member. The Ad contact must be a member name. Company names mean a commercial Ad at QBA current rates. Write for info.

FOR SALE: Tri-Q, LS-1 canard and wing mounted, on gear, dual side sticks, speed brake, fwd canopy, navs and strobes, instruments, Rev 75 with oil filter & cooler, vac pump, xlent work. $10,000. Call Stu (616) 532-4876. (MI)

WANTED: Complete Quickie single kit, without engine is OK. Call J. P. Stroud at (407) 730-5127 days or (407) 773-5554. (FL)

FOR SALE: Onan powered Quickie, completed '88 and flown regularly. Small wheels, trailering cut, 150 hrs TT. Arden Krueger (715) 842-9055 or write H8734 CTHQ, Wausau, WI 54403.

FOR SALE: Q-200 kit, firewall aft. LS-1 canard, pants, wing, stab, rudder & elevators glassed. Speed brake, front-hinged canopy, wheels/brakes. Very good workmanship (30% complete) $3,000 ($500 off with this ad). Sam Hoskins (618) 687-1579. (IL)

FREE: Onan engine, 2 hrs. TT, firewall forward plus gauges, cowling (no prop). Will only cost you shipping. Call Ion at (303) 440-3579. (CO)

FOR SALE: New Sterba 68x60 prop in the box, $225. Chuck Kaplan (508) 668-4784. (MA)

FOR SALE: One extended length carbon spar from factory, one standard spar still in damaged LS canard. Also canopy in frame. Call Mark at (615) 872-0890. (TN)

FOR SALE: Original Q-2 plans, Quickie Aircraft Corp. newsletters and all Q-Talk newsletters. $200 for all. Gordon Myers, 4150 Schaefer Ave., Chino, CA 91710. (909) 628-6539.

FOR SALE: Quickie single place. See pictures in issues 15 and 41. Airframe 210tt, Rotax 503 at 150 hrs. tt. Howard Hardy (303) 451-5353 N.C. (CO)

WANTED: Complete Quickie aircraft kit. Contact Jason Browne (804) 898-0848. (AL)

WANTED: Carbon spar and belly board for Q2 or layup instructions for same. Call Ron collect at (604) 530-9319 evenings. (BC)

FOR SALE: Parting out Tri-Q, 230 TT, needs main wing/engine otherwise complete with instruments, panel, rudder pedals, etc. Asking $7500. Need to sell. Also C-85, 230 TTsmoh $4500/offer. Call Mike (409) 321-3486. (TX)

FOR SALE: Quickie $12,500, for details. David Williams, Box 829, Ingram, TX 78025.

FOR SALE: Revmaster 2100D firewall forward, crossover exhaust, cowl, prop, spinner. Engine ran fine when removed from Tri-Q2, but prop needs leading edge rework. David Gall (407) 569-5885. (FL)

FOR SALE: Quickie project. Most of fuselage & tailfin built. Has carbon LS canard and an Onan still in the box. $2000. A. W. Arthur, 444 Intermont Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37415 or (615) 875-2121.

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