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Q-talk 40 - ODDS and ENDS

FYI ... Airheart Performance Products, 1440 W. Houston Ave., Suite 7, Gilbert, AZ 85234. Phone (602) 892-7892. Send $3 for a catalog.

Tom Wright expects to be out of bankruptcy and soon recover a load of Q-2/200 hardware for sale. He told me at OSH that he'd send me a listing. Meanwhile, if you have ants in your pants, contact him at: Advanced Composite Technologies, Rt #2, Box 269A, Somerset, PA 15501. Phone (814) 445-3802.

COUNTDOWN/UPDATE TO OTTAWA: At mid-Aug. we have 35 people pre-registered, 7 of them bringing airplanes. And enough promises to put us up to the 26 planes we logged in last year. Can't wait.

Yes, Scott Swing, now at Velocity in Sebastian, FL is still supplying tri-gear kits for Q-2's. He's interested in having someone take that business over. Anybody want to make a million?

Gene Sheehan is still in Mojave at his hangar reportedly working now on a stainless steel Cessna 150 type aircraft and some kind of giant flying wing. Don't ask me, man, I just report what I hear, somebody else may be making this stuff up.

More FYI: Don't anybody get their bowels in an uproar over the fact that I may occasionally print a photo of yours without captioning your name. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I want the picture to speak for itself without attaching an ego to it. For example, the three panels in the last issue. Then again, sometimes I just plain forget. I'm not telling which I do when! Editor's privilege.

Gary Wilson of CACI in Tennessee just called. He reported that he is still able to provide Rotax cowlings for the Quickie as well as spinners and backplates for it and the Q-200's as well. Gary can get carbon tube spars for both aircraft at just a little more than the cost of originals from QAC. Call him: (901) 586-4437 or 586-4311.

I just read an article of tips related to getting your medical back from the FAA. Key points mentioned were: 1. The FAA won't even consider your request until 6 months have elapsed from treatment/surgery. Don't waste this time moaning about it; use it instead to collect all the records and reports from doctors/hospital that the FAA will evaluate. This can take weeks, so start early. 2. Even if you have an outstanding doctor, take the extra precaution of finding an Airman Medical Examiner who has previous experience with the re-certification process. An experienced AME offers the best assistance in working your way through the re-certification procedure. He or she is less likely to make a mistake or omission in your evaluation AND is less likely to make a wrong choice of words that can leave the FAA with the wrong impression and result in a denial. 3. Start immediately making the diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that will improve your condition. The FAA looks at this as an indicator of your future condition as an airman.

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