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Q-talk 36 - ODDS and ENDS

SECOND ANNUAL OTTAWA Q/D-FLY FLY-IN: Spud tells me he is hot to have 40 airplanes up in Ottawa this coming September. Without commenting on his hallucination (it got me in trouble last time), it has been suggested that we have this DO on Labor Day weekend. The argument is that there would be an extra day to negotiate the weather, if necessary, and more whole families might come. We're all for that. Family planning dictates that we give as much advance notice as possible therefore please give me your lucid opinions on this date at your soonest convenience. Yea or Nay?

Anyone looking for Tom (TJ) Wright re: O-200 mounting parts, experience with the Waddelow canard and other assorted expertise from his days as a QAC "dealer" should try: Crown Aviation, Indian Lake Airport, Indian Lake, PA 15926. Call (814) 754-4634. He's got a builder's assistance program spooled up again.

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