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FOR SALE: Two wheels, two tires and matching tubes. 4.00x5 Cheng Shin 4 ply. First certified check for $110.00 get 'em by parcel post prepaid. Kelly, 20400 SW 92nd Place, Miami, FL 33189

FOR SALE: Completed Tri-Q. Cont. O-200A, Aymar DeMuth 58x70, strobe/nav, Terra TX-720, TRT-250, AT-3000, $5,000. Will part out. Call Keith (712) 659-3400.

FOR SALE: Q-200 kit. Fuse, wings and canard built somewhat (no wheelpants made.) $2,000 takes it all including just about all newsletters. Joe Underwood, (405) 282-4639 home or 282-1563 office.

FOR SALE: Q-200 #2245, most structure complete, LS canard, belly board, reflexor and canopy. O-200 cowling and kit exhaust. O-200 engine available. Charles Hull, 440 Mills Dr., Benicia, CA 94510 or call (707) 745-3323.

FOR SALE: FW forward, Tri-Q200, with C-150 swing-away mount, extended cowl, Warp Drive prop w/Kevlar spinner, hi-temp composite baffles, 160 SMOH to new specs O-200 blueprinted $7,000. Tri gear pkg, less bow $900. More goodies. John Groff (609) 234-7600 Wk.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of Q-talk #34 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.