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Q-talk 33 - ODDS and ENDS


OK, Gents, start marking your calendars:

SaturdayAug. 19-10 a.m.Back Porch #1 at Homebuilders Corner on the flightline.
7-10 p.m.Wine 'N Cheese Party at the Reeve Student Union on the Univ. of OSHKOSH campus.
SundayAug. 27-10 p.m.Forum Tent 9, QBA Member Forum, Tips, Trials & Tribulations.
MondayAug. 39-10 a.m.Back Porch Meeting #2 at Homebuilders Corner on the flightline.

Sharp-eyed readers of Sport Aviation will have noticed the announcement of the first joint fly-in of Quickie and Dragonflys to be held at the Ottawa, Kansas Airport (55 miles S.W. of Kansas City) on September 18-20 (Fri-Sun). Get 'em tuned up, boys.

Jon Finley will be bringing his Rotax Q-1 to OSHKOSH, but he needs to share his dorm room with someone. Need a room? Contact him at (406) 442-5172.

Remember this name: James Fletcher, 912 Edward Dr., Sioux Falls, SD 57103 (605) 334-1692. Jim shares a Q-2 with Jerry Kennedy. He started hunting for a new set of tires. Eventually he located a California dealer who found the Cheng Shin folks in China. Jim was told that Cheng Shin still has the original molds and will make up some more tires if a minimum order of 100 tires and tubes is placed. This will take something like $3,000.00 and Jim is willing to spearhead the effort. Now if you guys would buy ONE tire a piece, we could have tires into the next century just by bartering. I'm in for my tire, how about you? Call Jim.

F.Y.I. I got a call from Joe Stremel who says he has the fuselage molds for the Q-2. If interested, try him at (303) 280-2269.

I was reminded recently by Terry Crouch that once upon a time Gary Wilson (Composite Aircraft Components, 401 College St., Bruceton, TN 38317, (901) 586-4311) knew who had the tool for winding the LS-1 carbon fiber spar and could get them still for a reasonable price. He called up out of the blue recently but I forgot to ask about this. He does, however, make a gorgeous prop spinner with a neat CARBON FIBER backplate. You guys with backplate problems might chat with him about this. He's out of town quite a bit, but he's still alive, reachable and eager to help.

Quickie builder Terry Crouch (IA) also told me that he had a conversation with Scott Swing back when he was still working for QAC about ground angle of attack on the Quickie. Between the two of them, they figured it to be about 7.5-7.75 degrees. Inquiring minds want to know

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Terry further remarked (this guy's amazing) and I later found, that QAC described the proper Q-2 GAA: Q2PC9 dated 1 July 1981, "Q2 GROUND ANGLE OF ATTACK: with the aircraft assembled and WL15 level, and the aircraft on a (sic) reasonable level floor, take a measurement vertically between the floor and the bottom of the tailwheel. The nominal measurement should be 27". A range from 25" to 28.6" should be acceptable. This limitation is to assist tailwheel first landings and three point takeoffs at mid/forward c.g. ... It is a good idea to delay mounting the tailspring until the aircraft is assembled, so the proper height can be achieved."

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