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FOR SALE: Quickie single-place, Suzuki powered with all hours flown off (100+ hrs. TT). Needs canard refinishing before flight, otherwise OK. Owned by Jim Prell and written up in Q-TALK. Contact QBA, 214-351-6945. $4,500.

FOR SALE: Q-1 PROJECT. Fuselage and wing finished, crated 18 HP Onan with prop and instruments. Complete except canopy and epoxy. $1,000. Jim Hansen, 608 Alameda Ave., Salinas, CA 93901. Call 1-408-424-6050.

FOR SALE: Quickie - 20 hp, 70 hrs. total time, large wheels, tinted canopy, Nav-Com, 4 hr. range, nice interior, trailerable. Looks good, flies better. $4,900 firm. Neal Fulco, 504-362-2168 (New Orleans).

WANTED: Q-2 tires and tubes. If you've converted to Tri-Q, I'll buy your tires. Mike Dwyer, 5835 Tanglewood Dr. N.E., St. Petersburg, FL 33703. Call 813-527-1653.

FOR SALE: 22 HP Onan, new, with cowl and misdrilled prop (good clock): $350. I'll put this noseweight on your doorstep anywhere in the lower 48 states. Help me clean my shop. Robt. Bounds, P. O. Box 862, Grant, NE 69140 or call 308-352-4174.

WANTED: Cushion/Upholstery set for a Q-2, new or used. Art Jewett, 9001 Nottingham Lane, Louisville, KY 40222.


A variety of weights, weaves and widths are available.

Send a SASE for description and prices to:

2510 Hypoint Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601
or call Lyle Harrison (608) 788-5933

FOR SALE: Overhauled (chrome) Cont. 0-200 to new fits everywhere. New Slick mags and harness, rebuilt cam, starter, gen. Work by local A&I. Warranted. I have $5,000 in the job; if I take less I lose money. Make offer. Jack Soules (216) 991-5353 Ohio.

HELP! Does anyone have a Q-200 engine cowl that I can make a copy of? Darrel Scott, 16012 S. Russel Rd., Stillwell, KS 66085 or (913) 681-2757.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of Q-talk #16 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.