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FOR SALE: Q-2 airframe kit with new canard. Forward fuselage has canopy installed, main wing and vertical fin/rudder are complete and the main wing is done. Canard cores are cut. New carbon spars. $4,000 or best offer. Bill Baldwin, 5333 S.E. Inlet Place, Stuart, FL Phone (305) 288-3457.

FOR SALE: Cheap, unused, unmodified exhaust pipe set and cowling halves to fit the standard Q-2/Revmaster. (QAC folded before taking these items in trade on my Q-200). Tom Cline, 13708 Sherwood Forest Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20904; (301) 384-4051.

FOR SALE: $4,950 OBO, Q-i, N79DS (see pic page 11, QT 3/4). Kawasaki 440, 3 blade, electric start, big wheels, trailerable, beefed canard, fuel boost and all goodies. Need 4 place. Dee Brown, HCR Box 189, Payson, AZ 85541; (602) 478-4597.

LOST: Black, mixed-breed dog. Three legs, blind in left eye, missing right ear, tail broken, recently castrated. Answers to the name of "Lucky".

FOR SALE: Cast wheels, 4.10-3.50-6, for large-tire Quickie or Q-2/200. Outside tire dia. is 12.5"; tire width 3.5"; weight 5 lbs. 15 oz; internal expanding brake. $50. Call Russ Sholle (216) 923-9443.

WANTED: KONIG S.D. Engine conversion or Stubbs Aero Conversion, parts and/or information. Contact Jim Schmitt (812) 476-2011 eves.

FOR SALE: Tri-Q, C-85, converted 6/87, 110 TTAE. Has safe LS canard (no pitch change in rain), 150+ mph, intercom, many extras. Must sell, $16,500 O.B.O. Houston, TX area (409) 273-3486.

Catalog listing: (most are free with an 800 number). Over 100 businesses that liquidate consumer goods from gas engines to electronics to tools. Send $3.50 to: Conlin, 50 Gleneagle, Conroe, TX 77385.

FOR SALE: Q-2, 64 HP, 115 TT, 150 mph @ 3.5 gph, 900 mile range, strobes, reflexor, day VFR. Seen at Oshkosh 87. Fast, efficient show stopper, $15,000 beauty. Take trade. Call Don (405) 372-6116 day or (405) 372-1312.

FOR SALE: Q-2 complete. Ready for taxi tests. Revmaster with 75 hp heads, Revflow carb, LS-1 canard, reflexor. $22,000 and 2300 man-hours invested - for sale: $14,900. Call Kevin Howard (206) 722-0170 or write 6128 So. Pilgrim St., Seattle, WA 98118-5881.

FOR SALE: Canard with wing sweep, but the carbon fiber spar should still be good. Any takers? WANTED: good forward sliding canopy design/parts; may go with forward hinge if someone has one I like....also still looking for an 0-200. Alan Kittleson, 18319 Hummingbird Ln., Penn Valley, CA 95946 or (916) 432-1899.

FOR SALE: Q-2/200 firewall backward with lots of the dumb work done. $7,000 worth for a measly $3,500. Epoxy pump and other extras included. Could be built Tri-Q. John, (406) 443-7555.

WANTED: Onan engine, preferably new and unflown. Also need an Onan Quickie exhaust system. Call or write with details and price: J. P. Stroud, 185 Sunrise Ave., Satellite Beach, FL 32937; (305) 494-6223 days or 773-5554 eves.

FOR SALE: QUICKIE privately built; completed by a School-flight class. Good workmanship. Sole with minor "fine tuning" left to do before flight test. 22 hp Onan, trailerable, plans, QBA newsletters included. Highest bidder. Morningside Christian Schools (712) 276-4732.

FOR SALE: Q-2, 98.5% complete. Rev 2100DQ CDI engine mounted and ready for plumbing and control hookup. Exterior complete except minor touchup and canopy installation. 6.5'x17' trailer available. $2X,XXX invested. $11,500. (203) 678-1486 after 6 pm EST.

FOR SALE: Stock Cowley Q-2 prop for Revmaster. 45Px56D. Never used, $125 +shipping. Call Saylor: (805) 524-0522.

FOR SALE: Quickie airframe only. Fuse, main wing, ailerons, rudder, fin complete, LS-1 canard underway. Boxed canopy, 2 sets of plans, Rotax conversion plans, large wheels, epoxy pump, etc. $3600. Call G. B. (901) 479-3076.

FOR SALE: ONAN engine, B48M-GA018 with mount and carb heat box. 24 hrs. logged. $400. Quickie cowl: $100. Call Dave Barth (303) 986-5765 or 988-4122.

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