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FOR SALE: Factory new Revmaster 2100. Complete with electric starter, oil cooler, exhaust pipes, prop and Q-2 cowl. $4,300 O/B/O. Complete taildragger gear assembly (wheels, brakes, tires, tubes, tailspring, etc.) $200. Call (305) 846-1206.

WANT TO BUY: Q-2 propeller (Tri-Q) suitable for Continental C-85 engine. Call or write with details and price: Mike Conlin, 50 Gleneagle, Conroe, TX 77385 -- (409) 273-3486.

FOR SALE: Quickie M82QT, 200 TT, 75TT on Konig 4 cyl. engine with electric start. Flies great and nearly every weekend, never damaged, very good workmanship and reliable. Wife says "too many hobbies". $7,500. Jim (503) 741-2692 or 408 N. 64th, Springfield, OR 97478.

FOR SALE: Quickie - complete kit, fuselage complete, $2,000. After 5 call Joe (409) 935-7723.

FOR SALE: Q-200 complete minus engine. All mods, leather seats, $8500 or $13,000 full IFR with Loran C. $24,000 invested. Marriage and military move forces sale. Dave (318) 473-9615.

FOR SALE: Modified Onan engine package, firewall forward. Spinner, cowl, crossover exhaust, manuals, Mikuni carb and much more. Engine has 110 hrs., 2 world records on the Ugly Quickling as seen in Sport Aviation. Converting to Rotax. Norm Howell (305) 248-6735 leave message.

FOR SALE: Quickie project with new canard and carbon spar, Onan engine. Fuselage 90% complete with rudder mounted and cables installed. Asking $5,200. Bob Bailey (517) 676-1331 evenings.

FOR SALE: For the Revmaster: Cowl $195, Exhaust $195, Prop $175, 4 Q2EM1's and rubber mounts $40. Also, clear Q-2 canopy $150. Prices negotiable. Mike Bergen, 2312 Trott Ave, Vienna, VA 22180.

in error, last issue:

FOR SALE: Warnke almost-constant-speed prop 56Dx52P, used only 15 hrs. Performance was 155 mph at 3050 rpm in my 70 hp Q-2. $200. Call Kim (403) 281-3859, Calgary, Alberta.

MISCELLANEOUS QUICKIE METAL PARTS - Control system parts etc. from 2 different Quickies. Call Mike Conlin (409) 273-3486 or Bob Giles (214) 924-2207.

FOR SALE: WRECKED QUICKIE: rt. canard broken off, lt. slightly damaged; tailspring and canopy broken. 67 hrs TT, 22 hp Onan, 10 piece instrument panel. Comes with trailer. $1700. Also, new 42x26 climb prop, $120. Call Steve, (505) 722-7659. Gallup, NM.

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