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WANTED: Experienced composite builders. Pat D.O.E. Send resume with photos of your project to Composite Aircraft Components, Inc., 401 College St., Bruceton, TN 38317. Call (901) 586-4311.

FOR SALE: Q-2, 75 HP Revmaster, dual rudder controls, T-tail, strobes, Nav lights, xponder, elec. T&B, Loran C, spare Warnke prop, HD elec. gear start, sliding canopy. 77 hrs. TT, NDH, Comm radio, EGT all cyls, 596 lbs. $15,000 U.S. Don Keizer, 4291 Fernwood Av., Power River, BC, CAN.

FOR SALE: Q-2/200 KIT. Complete including spars, templates and geared starter Revmaster, RST 720 navcom. Fuse 90%, main wing 50%. Excellent workmanship. $13,000 (the man hours are free). Rick Becker, 65 East Jackson, Quincy, CA 95971. Call (916) 283-1722.

WANTED: Elevator mass-balancing arm, part Q2CSA11. Builders converting from GU to LS probably used only ONE of TWO arms supplied with the GU. Les Craft, 3902 Narrow Lane Rd., Montgomery, AL 36111.

FOR SALE: I have converted to the Tri-Q and have the taildragger parts for sale. Hyd. brakes, wheels, etc. Bill Starkey, 13308 Creekview, Prospect, KY 40059. (502) 228-0916

FOR SALE: REVMASTER 2100 D engine. 0-time, still in box with carb and accessories. Also will sell brand-new almost constant speed prop. Contact Jeff Cox, (817) 483-7722.

TRADE: I have 2 right side front baffles. Anybody have 2 lefts and want to trade one? Mike Peay, 2907 West 7525 South, West Jordan, UT 84084.

PRICED FOR QUICK SALE: Revmaster with electric start, vacuum, oil cooler, etc., all still in crate. Turned and cylinders oiled every 3 months. Call Emil MirSepasy (206) 455-5963 anytime.

FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 - First flight 8-30-86; glideslope etc. Cost over $28.000 -- sell $15,000. Glen Kuhlman, 3850 - 282 E. Atlantic Ave., Highland, CA 92346. Phone (714) 862-4239.

SCIENTEC, POOR MAN'S EPOXY PUMP - Costs almost nothing, lasts for years. Deadly accurate. Very reliable. $13.00, postpaid for QBA members. Write: Bob Falkiner, Scientec, 983 Vera Cruz Dr., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Y-2G4.

FOR SALE: Waddelow Tri-Q approximately 50% complete. Has Waddelow canard with extended tips, fuselage assembled with fin mounted, overhauled and run-in Mazda RX-7 engine. Needs main wing and an innovator. Contact Charles Mackay, (504) 927-7656 or 389-2504.

VOICE ACTIVATED INTERCOM SYSTEM: 2 Place kit $115.95; assembled $179.50. Talk and hear without effort.

NAV/STROBE LIGHT SYSTEMS: Simple installation and easy access for servicing. Write for details. RTX Ltd., Box 20334, Dallas, TX 75220.

WANTED TO PURCHASE: March 1984 issue of HOMEBUILT AIRCRAFT magazine that features Q-200. Ted Fox, P. O. Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901.

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