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Q-talk 3 - ODDS and ENDS

Both long-time and newly awakened supportive QBAers have responded to my call for plans to be made available to builders who can no longer get them from QAC. Thanks to a pile of co-operating QBAers, I believe I now have a complete set of packing lists and plans. I will tell you how to get what you need ONLY if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request. This will help prevent this service from taking up a major part of my time (which it ain't gonna do).

Aluminum templates for the LS-1(mod) canard are also available under the same conditions.

Long time QBAers who remember Robert Herd will be pleased to know that early in April he, at long last, finished his Quickie. After some 6.5 years, it came out looking nice, however he elected not to fly it and has delivered it as a display piece to a museum in El Paso, TX.

Brock McCaman and Jinx Hawks, our two Rotax 503 Quickie operators out of Camarillo, CA are sufficiently satisfied with their planes that they have jointly produced a several-page report on what they did and how. This report is available at no charge to QBAers (see Brock's address in Q-TALK #1), but considerate builders will include a small donation for their time, trouble, postage and copy costs.

Gary Wilson has received enough orders to tool up and manufacture a reproduction of Ed Miller's cowling to cover the Rotax 447 on a Quickie: $150 in glass, $200 in Kevlar and $60 for the spinner. Gary can also get all Quickie and Q-2/200 metal parts (Engine mounts for $95). He has also gotten a Quickie LS-1 mod canard designed and is fabricating the first one right now. Details? Call Composite Aircraft Components (901) 586-4311.

Quickie Builders Association at Oshkosh: I have forum tent #2 reserved from 8-10 pm. for our annual forum on the evening of the first Saturday at Oshkosh, Aug. 1. In addition, the tent adjacent to Homebuilder's Corner on the flight line is reserved for QBA meetings August 1, 2 and 3 at 1 pm. each day. Be there or be square.

Did you see the brothers Homsley on the cover of a recent Trade-A-Plane? A Quickie and a Dragonfly. In formation. Lookin' r e a l good!


Custom Composite Components

P. O. Box 6

Friedens, PA 15541

(814) 445-8506 or (814) 445-8608

Plans - complete kits - customer technical support - building service - composite workshop - Cowlings for Q-2, Turbo and Q-200 - all metal fabricated parts - Tri-Q sparless canards - builders assistance - plans for all Q Birds.

Stop in and visit us! 5 miles from exit 10 on the Pennsylvania turnpike; 2 miles from Somerset County Airport; 15 miles S.E. of JST VOR on the New York sectional.

Customer Composites has been in the custom fabrication business since 1981 and has built over a dozen Q-2's and dozens of composite parts for Q-2's and other types of planes. As the new dealer in the eastern U.S. we now offer building services for the Quickie and Q-2 and can supply you with a complete Q-2 kit including those hard to find items. We are service oriented and will respond to the customer's demands. "Our goal is to provide the potential kitplane builder with the best in kits and the best in customer services. We welcome your inquiries and will honor your business."

You can order a PDF or printed copy of Q-talk #3 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.