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Q-talk 2 - LETTERS

From Bernie Pohl, NY: There is always some way to come up with parts or materials, we have all learned how to scrounge and beg, but without our collective knowledge and experience AND A WAY OF GETTING IT OUT, we are done for. It's called communication. The dictionary also calls it intercourse, but I think that's what we got from QAC. Hmmmmm, where have I heard that before?....From Art Jewett, KY: Count me as a QBA supporter and I promise to be a contributor. Thoughts of liability never entered my mind - only that my limited experience and flying should not be exposed to others without flight test! I'll change my ways and write up some of the problems and solutions I've found since starting in '81. First installment attached.....From Burns Brimhall, WY: I have not been more active in the association because I have not worked on my project much in the last couple of years. Also I am not good at writing letters (poor excuse, right?). I read every word of each newsletter several times and enjoyed the daily gab sessions you had at OSHKOSH last year.....From Scott Pihl, CA: To all the gutless wonders out there who are afraid to say what they have experienced for fear of being sued, why don't you fight back? Or just shut up, don't talk and don't exist around the rest of us. Get Out!.....From Charles Roehrig, NY: I know and agree with your action. I don't send tips on Quickie because I abandoned the project when a respected friend crashed his. Besides, I have built 3 successful, trouble-free airplanes. I will resume Quickie when I see fit, meanwhile I am not a qualified tipster.....From : Hearts can be in the right place, but performance is, as in this instance, sorely lacking. I know as I put out a Boy Scout district newsletter for 3 years. My advice is "E Pluribus Carborundum", which loosely interpreted is Latin for "don't let the bastards grind you down".....From William Mueller, NE: My feeling about the newsletter is that you should scale down your expectations of it. [Nope, ED.] Not as many people are building now so you can't expect many tips. What I am mostly interested in is dangerous structural or mechanical problems and parts sources. We all need these sources and warnings and you're the only one who can do it....From Harold Dirks, IA: I retired in January from a 20 year career in technical writing and editing, and I know where you are coming from when you want to be paid for your time.....From Gene Comer, IN: For many, it will be difficult to understand the anxious attitude I have knowing another newsletter will soon arrive. However, if builders refuse to contribute, then what would the newsletter contain? Much like a town so small that both welcome signs are on the same stick, the front and back covers would be on the same sheet.....From Bruce Meck, MI: If there isn't sufficient response to justify continuation of the newsletter, I don't want my money back. Use it to take the QUICKTALK editor to lunch or whatever you wish.....From Doyle/Weishaar, IL: We are glad you did not elect to get out of the newsletter. It must take many hours of what could be building time to compose a quality letter like QBA. If you could see all the joy and dancing around the mailbox when ours arrives, it might make it more enjoyable.....From Joe Underwood, OK: To be real honest, I always thought $12 was too cheap for the quality newsletter you put out anyway. Don't ask for fifty bucks next time, but the present rate is fine with me. I'm one of the "silent majorities" who is really getting a lot out of the few who write. I have not used the liability issue to not write, I'm just lazy!.....From Peter Bliss, FL: I sold my Quickie a few months ago and retired to FL. I enjoy the newsletter even without a Quickie and would like to continue to receive it as long as you are willing to put it out. It is a shame the way our society has turned into a litigious monster. Soon everyone will be afraid to try anything new lest they be sued by some nerd with dollar signs for brains.....From Karl Hardman, MD: If you get sued for anything in QUICKTALK, I'll chip in at least $500.00 to help you out. It's a great service and it's great to find someone with guts!.....From Igor Mokrys, Canada: I'd like to lay to rest the canard that some of us are afraid to contribute. How can we measure up to the professionalism of regular trailblazers a la Bob Falkiner? It's not that we wouldn't like to - most of us are better with a squeegee than a pen. But you are right, this is not National Geographic. We have a common dream that has gone awry by almost no fault of ours. If we fail to actively support this forum, we abdicate our chance of living out our reverie. Don't we owe it to ourselves? As for the lawsuits, Jim, I think you don't really have a choice - if you give up the editorship, there's surly gonna be someone there who'll file a suit against you for quitting! See, Jim, we've got your pants down [Ouch! ED.].....From Marc Zeitlin, MA: It is a sorry person who won't give advice to someone who has asked for it. It is a reflection of the litigious nature of our society as a whole where people are loathe to take responsibility for their own actions and are quick to lay blame on anyone else they can find....From Dan Judge, MT: The faint-hearted non-contributors deserve your scathing criticism. They are examples of what is wrong with America today. Just like children, they expect you to provide for their every need, but won't lift a finger to help out around the house. I thank you and also T. J. Wright and Scott Swing, two QBAers to have unselfishly shared their time with me.....From Glen Lowe, CA: Got your letter and your message. Don't be so hard on the non-writers. Maybe they, like me, do not feel they have much to add to the overall knowledge on building ye olde Q-200. I personally found when I deviated from Sheehan's bible; I got into more, not less, trouble. Thus I have little to say that has not been better said. Thank you and all the other cock-eyed builders who have unknowingly helped me. Naturally I will write and gloat when I get this project off the ground.....From Paul Fisher, IL: I admit I am guilty as anyone about not writing in suggestions etc. It has nothing to do with liability. I have never felt I had anything to contribute. I figure I am a year to 18 mo. behind most people and by the time I get around to a task, there are usually several suggestions in past issues for me to take advantage of. I'm not too proud to take advice; even at your Oshkosh forums I've done more listening than talking. Perhaps you should make the dues less for those who have contributed something in the last year.....From Jeff Cox, TX: I just finished reading my QUICKTALK and as usual it has fired me up for another couple of months. I knew after reading my first QUICKTALK that I was at that point addicted to a newsletter. QUICKTALK has pulled me through more times than you can imagine. Part of my new year's resolution for '87 is to start contributing more than I have in the past. I'm starting right now.....From Robert Fowler, CA: Enclosed are my dues for the "customer" version of QUICKTALK. I stopped work on my Q-200 so that I may concentrate on the SX300; which is now more than 50% done. I plan to finish the Q-200 once I am flying the SX300. Keep up the good work and the humor. We all benefit.....From Charles Hull, CA: When I reach the test phase I think what I have to say will be of more value. I won't hesitate to talk about things after getting some actual operating data.....From George Ritter, MD: It is difficult for builders to write about their ideas, suggestions and thoughts regarding construction of their favorite toy or hobby. They have become very leery of the liability and really don't want to make some lawyer happy. The QBA is much appreciated and I am sure I speak for many of the members who are also too bashful or who just can't write.....From Randy Kriech, WA: I'm partly guilty, but plan to hear from me at least twice this year. We all need a kick in the pants occasionally. Thank you, it felt good.


The following QBAers have agreed to take calls (not collect) from other builders who need to talk to someone with more experience than themselves. The fellows listed are NOT experts, NOT renowned technical counselors, NOT official advisors or anything of the sort. They are our buddies who can talk "hangar flying" especially well. They are listed with their state location, special area of interest and phone number.

Jim Prell (MO)Onan/Suzuki Quickie(816) 454-9422
Terry Crouch (IA)Onan/LS(1) Quickie(319) 359-4127
Sherman Hanke (SC)Q-2/200(803) 586-9225
Neal Current (CA)Quickie Elect. Sys(805) 967-0767
Bob Giles (TX)Global Quickie(214) 924-2207


NEEDED:Rotax Quickie
Revmaster Eng. Ops.
Central US
West Coast
Quickie or Q-2/200

Norm Howell (Quickie), an Air Force flight instructor at Vance, AFB, Enid, OK, has agreed to form a "QBA Warbirds Hangar" which would be to keep the building/flying fires stoked up among our military and ex-military guys. He expects to have a regular communication flyer to keep in touch and share experiences. Interested? Write me or Norm at P. O. Box 1723, Enid, OK 73701 (405) 234-9576.

Dear Jim,

Thank you very much for rushing last year's issues of QUICKTALK. It's nice to read straight talk about my (potential) airplane. It's much less fatiguing than trying to "read between the lines" in other publications, especially since fewer and fewer magazines carry articles on our endangered species.

I am excited at the prospect of flying a unique aircraft, and that status is virtually assured by the liquidation of Quickie Aircraft. Further, I'm assured that my aircraft's landing ability will be acceptable (it's a Tri-Q, intended as such from the start).

Now, I'll gladly fork over the $$$ for the additional back issues I've missed and (take my money, please) the dues for this year. Seems like an incredible bargain after recently paying $42 for a two-inch long copper-braided battery cable for a Cherokee 140 that I fly now. Thank the sky for homebuilts, and thank you for keeping us Quickie lovers together.

Jay Scheevel - Midland, TX

ED. NOTE: SEEMS like an incredible bargain, yet you'd be surprised at the number of guys who don't want to pay anything at all and burn off a copy of their buddy's on the office machine. They don't write in tips either.

Another comment: Some folks seem to think I include letters like yours out of some misguided sense of the big head. I DO appreciate the cheers, but let everyone know that when you thank me you thank a hundred other guys who submit most of the contents of this newsletter. HEY!!!!, you hundred other guys, ARE YOU LISTENING?? You just been thanked again. Your work continues to be appreciated by folks you will never meet. Think about it!

And now for a dissenting viewpoint that was edited only in such a way as to keep the worst criticisms in, the length out...

Dear Jim,

I'm not re-subscribing because QT isn't worth $25...A person like you should recognize and understand that when you set out to educate people you do it for love, not $ and not letters of praise...teaching...is often a thankless job...Moreover, in something you were learning, you too might have nothing to say for a good long time because you were a serious student.

I am a first time builder...QT has helped me...Not you so much as individuals whom I've contacted because they wrote or drew up a plan and sent it to you...you remind me of a little kid who is doing his job and wants attention...as I recall, the QT paper was begun by someone else (then recall Issue #1's editorial - ED)...You chose to do this...Too many in America measure everything by $. That's too bad. To make a choice and retreat from it (on the grounds of "walls of silence" and "customers") is both undesirable and unfortunate for you. If I were doing (QT) for friends, I'd do it for free...And certainly you wouldn't treat your friends to an unnecessary cost increase of over 100%, now, would you? If you would, I count myself blessed indeed that we are not friends (me too, ED). I can understand your disappointment. And I've often noted some negative feelings in your writing. As a college prof, I've experienced it often...You are not, in fact, writing for friends. You are writing for customers. It has not been psychologically satisfying. You spend more time...for too little emotional reward. You think an increase in your fee will balance things out. Fine. Only don't ask others to partake in your personal delusions...You may think deeply about airplanes...I think deeply about human nature. From my perspective, this is a friendly letter...But it is a truthful and ...valid one. Good luck with future QT.

Joe Ray, E. Stroudsburg, PA

ED. NOTE: Joe, you better order up a Plexiglas stomach because from where I think your head's at you're gonna need one to see out. My editorial feelings have been clearly expressed in MANY QT comments...if only you could "see" them you could develop a more erudite, professorial argument. Are you honest-to-god trying to tell me that the most "serious" students sit in the background in silence while the dumbos constantly question, constantly challenge incoming information, expose their theories and beliefs to criticism in order to refine and perfect their understanding? In truth, this letter needed (and got) a more factual, personal response.

Dear Jim:

Just got the latest issue. Guess that means you've done this for 5+ years. I often wonder why you do it - certainly it doesn't pay you. Maybe it's the glory...?? Naw, I doubt it. I'd just guess you do it for the love of aviation and the desire to help people out. Well, whatever the reason, I really appreciate the newsletter. I have used a lot of what I've read.

J. H. Schenck - El Paso, TX

Dear Jim,

I very much enjoyed your last newsletter...I thought the issue number you gave it was a nice touch. I guess all of us are starting over.

Paul Fisher - Taylor Ridge, IL

Dear Jim,

I'm moved to write a pleading as my only contact with other builders is through QUICKTALK. I understand your frustration, but my "silence" is caused more by lack of knowledge than interest. If the alternative, however, is the loss of QUICKTALK (and your rapier wit) I'll write once a month, honest! I've bogged down several times in my building only to be recharged by the arrival of QUICKTALK. I'll personally pledge to correspond more often if for no other reason than to give you (and/or fellow readers) my perspective on the building process. I'll even include a tip in this letter! Go ahead. Publish it. I'm not afraid of liability!

ED. NOTE: Your offer accepted. What I ask is that everyone who want an "association" write once in a while at least about his/her project progress even if no tips are known. Your letters not only keep ME recharged, but they give me a "feel" for how I am helping you and what I can do to keep the newsletter interesting for ALL readers (what you send doesn't have to be for publication).

On a better note, I am very encouraged that, as I expected, most of the "silent majority" DO INDEED have valuable things to contribute. Most of you have decided to write for the first time and I have the material for some great and interesting newsletters for you in '87. Keep your sensors locked onto the mailbox, you're gonna love it!

This is to let all builders know that I have purchased a set of Lancair 200 plans. If there's any small detail work you're wondering how to tack (Gene & company took a lot for granted), send me a SASE and I'll pass on how it's handled in the Lancair plans. Ted Fox, P.O. Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901.

Dear Jim,

It was with great trepidation that I opened your letter; it was with great relief that I found you have decided to continue with QBA.

At this point I have 1,550 hours and about $18,000 invested in the plane. I expect to fly by summer '87, and am working on a flight-testing program. I picked up a book called Performance Flight Testing by Hubert Smith (TAB BOOKS #2340). It discusses testing your plane throughout the entire envelope - an important consideration for a new homebuilt.

Richard Kautz - Mt. Vernon, NY

Dear Jim,

G-BOBS should have its first flight early in '87. Cross everything for me!

Bob Stevens - Bucks, England

(ED. NOTE: They're crossed - fingers, toes, legs, eyes, the road, purposes, and my wife's wearing a "Cross Your Heart" bra!)

Dear Jim:

I strongly agree with the two rules you printed in #1: Taxiing and don't build in isolation. I survived through strict adherence to rule #1, however, even though I conferred with a couple of local builders and a few at OSH, I wish I would have visited a flying builder. The newsletters were an excellent supplement to that deficiency.

This past month Arden Krueger of Wausau came down for a visit. I met him 2 years ago at the QBA builders' forum in OSH. We had a great day. I haven't ever talked Quickies for a whole day before...at least not without the listening party falling asleep. I even had him do some slow speed taxiing and gave him a demonstration flight. He left PRIMED to finish his plane.

Charlie Lipke - N84CL, Onalaska, WI

Dear Jim,

I took an incentive trip to the Atlanta area in January and visited with Phil Haxton and Ennis Barlow who showed me their creations. Seeing completed aircraft sure does make the adrenalin flow! I picked up a few helpful hints along with the boost. I would like to get a copy of the aileron reflexer that came with the kit, as I don't have one. I only have 2 examples from the newsletter and a look at the one Phil Haxton built (he is quite an experimenter). Could you send me a copy if you have one?

Larry Koutz - Valdosta, GA

ED. NOTE: 1. Here's evidence of an "underground" hospitality club in action (remember, don't build in isolation!)! Now why can't we get more organized with this sort of thing? 2. Nope, I don't have the reflexer plans. Can somebody send us BOTH a copy? My thanks to Larry, Sherman Hanke, Paul Fisher, John Derr and Ted Fox who have sent copies of some of the plans and packing lists that I am missing. I hope more is incoming. Soon as I organize this stuff, I'll tell you what I have and how to get it.


...it can mean many things to different people. Regional and local gatherings of builders are one form. However I am proposing to start a nationwide network of QBAers who will be willing to give lodging, food and an evenings airplane talk to fellow association members on cross-country trips. Anyone interested in being on the list would send me the information I need. I would then computerize it and make a list. The list would be available to all for a SASE. Long cross-countries (Oshkosh treks for example) could then be planned for overnight stops to be with fellow builders or would-be builders.

If interested please send AT LEAST the following information plus anything else you may wish to add: 1) NAME; 2) TOWN AND LOCATION (i.e. "Mansfield, Ohio - halfway between Columbus and Cleveland); 3) PHONE NUMBER (include area code); 4) AIRPORT INFORMATION (runway lengths, frequencies, etc.,); 5) TRANSPORTATION (will you pick up?); 6) WILL YOU SUPPLY MEALS?; 7) HOW MANY CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE?

Add anything else you would like. This will be compiled in paragraph form so all will be included. I welcome suggestions. THIS WON'T TAKE MUCH OF YOUR TIME. IF YOU REMOTELY THINK YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET OTHER BUILDERS (not to mention see their planes), DON'T PUT OFF SENDING ME THE ABOVE INFORMATION. Good ideas have arisen through QUICKTALK only never to be heard from again. I hope this isn't one of them. I will keep you posted on response through the newsletter.

Ted Fox, P. O. Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901

You can order a PDF or printed copy of Q-talk #2 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.