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SCIENTEC, POOR MAN'S EPOXY PUMP - Costs almost nothing, lasts for years. Deadly accurate. VERY reliable. $13.00, postpaid for QBA members. Write: Bob Falkiner, SCIENTEC, 983 Vera Cruz Dr., Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA L4Y 2G4.


FOR SALE: QUICKIE project with ONAN and most instruments. Fuselage, wing and canard 80% complete. $3500.00. Contact Al Ross (602) 846-4135.


VOICE ACTIVATED INTERCOM SYSTEM: 2 Place kit $115.95; assembled $179.50. Talk and hear without effort.

NAV/STROBE LIGHT SYSTEMS: Simple installation and easy access for servicing. Write for details. RTX Ltd., Box 20334, Dallas, TX 75220.


FOR SALE: STS handheld, 720-channel transceiver. All regular accessories PLUS headset, patch cord and PTT. $265. T. Fox, Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901. Call (419) 756-8142 mornings.


WANTED: Packing list for Kit 2, Q-200. I have 1 A&B. Need badly. Will pay all costs: Ted Fox, Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901.


FOR SALE: New Epoxy Pump for only $100! Mike Smith, 10929 Blue Fox Drive, Edmond, OK 73034. (405) 848-4555.


QUICKIE, 297 TT 19.9 Onan. Built by 28 year old. Fully developed and as reliable as possible. (206) 289-4206, 148 Bass Ave., Ocean Shore, WA 98569. $7100 delivered.


FOR SALE: Custom made trailer for Q-2. New tires and brgs. $495.00. Jim Loberger, Jacksonville, FL (904) 737-8505.


Q-200 ON WHEELS: Carbon fiber canard, Cont. 0-200 engine mounted, mag box, header tank, main fuel tank, dual rudders, differential braking, canopy complete, panel started, elev. and aileron mounted. Photos available on request. $12,750.00. Marvin @ (512) 546-9550, 546-1724.


FOR SALE: Revmaster engine, never used, still in crate. Contact Jeff Cox (817) 483-7722.


NO STEP stickers for your sparrow strainers. $5 a pair or $3 each. Comes free with a SOFT LUGGAGE, MAX. WT. 40 lbs. sticker. Tom Saunders, P O Box 27445, Ralston, NE 68127.


FOR SALE: I like to fly larger planes and take passengers with me, so I have decided to sell my Tri-Q200, N2GQ. I have $27,000 invested in this plane, not including labor and think it is worth this amount. Glenn Kuhlman 3850-282 E. Atlantic Ave., Highland, CA 92346.


HOMEBUILDERS GARAGE SALE: 0-220 mph airspeed, $35; 2 Arrow oil psi gauges, $10 each; ZT-2 Compucruise and flowmeter, $100; 4x1.5" solid tailwheel, $8; 4.00x5 tires and tubes (Q-2), $15; Quickie-type tailspring $10; Telex D-950 headset, $75; Quickie 44x27 prop, $95; 2 IFR OHC sensitive altimeters, $89; Weston Gyro Horizon, $200; Mikuni VM26-36 carb, $35; EDO dry vac. pump $100; B-16 mag compass $25; Narco UGR-2 glideslope $100; more. Norm Howell (405) 249-7644.


FOR SALE: Single place Quickie kit, large tire option, minus engine package - $3,000 OBO. Also single place Quickie kit complete with 18 hp engine $5,000 OBO. Jim Hinrichsen, RR1 Box 204, Eureka, IL 61530. (309) 467-4334.


FOR SALE: Quickie kit complete, only fuselage completed and epoxy pump included. $2,500. Joe Hantz (409) 735-7723.


FOR SALE: MAZDA RX-7 engine freshly overhauled and complete with radiator. Intended for installation in Tri-Q. Needs prop drive. Charles Mackey (504) 927-7656 or 389-2504.


WHEELEN STROBE single light power supply model A490T, DF 50, 12 joule, double flashes per minute. 1.2 lbs. Use with A625 tail light strobe for 380 candlepower of low drag protection. See and be seen! List $147, sell for $100. Tom Gordy, Box 112482, Carrollton, TX 75011-2482. (214) 242-1845.


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