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QuickTalk 30 - CLASSIFIEDS

Immediate opening for experienced composite builder. Non-smoker only. Pay DOE. Send resume ASAP to: Composite Aircraft Components, Inc. 401 W. College St., Bruceton, TN 38317 or call (901) 586-4311.

FOR SALE: Tri-Q approximately 50% complete. Has Waddelow canard with extended tips, fuselage assembled with fin mounted, overhauled Mazda RX-7 engine, tools, and parts to complete. Need main wing. Contact Charles Mackey, (504) 927-7656 or 389-2504.

Quickie N19Q. Needs new canard and some minor repair to lower front fuse. Very cheap. Also 42x30 Cowley prop, perfect condition $100, and a not so perfect Onan engine. Also, new Q-200 canard with elevators installed - am going to a Tri-gear. Price negotiable. Jerry Fueslein, 427 Alfreda Rt. 2, San Andreas, CA 95249. Call (209) 754-3206 or 577-3192.

FOR SALE: Tri-Q-200 flown 8/86. Carbon spar, Cont. 0-200, starter, alternator, full instruments, glide slope, Nav-com, TXN 960, 4 cyl head and exhaust gas temps, reflexor, belly flap, hush-a-com headsets. Beautiful and hangared at Redlands CA. Cost $26,000 - make offer. Glen Kuhlman, 3850-282 E. Atlantic Av., Highland, CA 92346 or call (714) 862-4239 before 9:30 am or after 5:30 pm local time.

FOR SALE: QUICKIE, damaged but repairable. Large wheels, Kevlar mount, 20 hp heads, trailerable. Damage to vertical fin, main wing, canopy and cowl. Best reasonable offer. Bill Dvorak, (408) 728-3751.

WANTED: 20 hp heads, graphoil gaskets, Kevlar engine mount, Onan engine manuals etc. from any builder who has given up on the Onan engine. Contact Cliff Stripling, 2313 Colleen Ct., Carrollton, TX 75007 or (214) 306-7139.

Wanted: Quickie single place kit, partially complete or complete. Phil Vick, 106 Blacksmith Ln., Greenville, NC 27834.

FOR SALE: Complete Q-2 kit. Rev. engine with starter. Includes Wicks epoxy pump, entire set of plans and QUICKTALK newsletters. Must sell, make offer. Call Gene at (806) 797-4929 or write 3615 63rd Drive, Lubbock, TX 79413.

FOR SALE: Am building a Tri-Q so I am selling: Q-2 carbon spars, $550; cowling and exhaust pipes for Revmaster $125; 56x45 propeller $325. Bill Varga (216) 734-0778 no collect.

FOR SALE: Q-2/200 project 25% completed. All kits included, less engine. Partner moved and wife wants the basement back. Make offer. Dave (919) 883-0808.

FOR SALE: QUICKIE single place C-GRXJ. M.O.T. inspected, SN 1020. Impeccable workmanship. Very fine finish on wing and canard. Nav lights, dual head temp, nav-com antennas, removable tail, trailer with extended tong. Al Jolliffe, RR2 Picton ONT., CANADA KOK 2TO.

"Aviation Week and Space Technology" 416 issues from 6/70 to 10/85. Cost $480, make offer. John Derr, 706 Partridge Circle, Golden, CO 80403. Office (303) 236-1506 or 279-6722.

FOR SALE: Total timer as shown on page 72 of Sporties catalog. I won it in a contest. List: $273, my price $150 shipping included. Also have a C-85-14F, which I will sell for a good offer. Robert Godbe (415) 325-8595 eves.

FOR SALE: Many good used parts from tornado damaged Quickie. 100 hrs. TTAF, 40 hrs. TT on 20 hp engine with never any cooling problems. 2 props: 44x27 and 40x30. SASE with inquiry or offer. Mike Conlin, 50 Gleneagle Dr., Conroe, TX 77305

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