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QuickTalk 27 - CLASSIFIEDS

Non-commercial classified ads for individual members, one per issue, are free. Commercial advertising rates for businesses are available on request.

HELP WANTED: position of composite fabricator opening soon. Experience required. Female molding and vacuum bagging experience helpful. Send resume with detailed description of composite experience. Salary DOE. JJ, P O Box 20334, Dallas, TX 75220.

SCIENTEC, POOR MAN'S EPOXY PUMP - costs almost nothing, lasts for years. Deadly accurate. VERY reliable, $13.00 postpaid for QBA members. Bob Falkiner, 983 Vera Cruz Dr., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Y 2G4.

FOR SALE: Q2/200 #2463, 30% COMPLETED...Excellent workmanship...No spare time to finish...Over $6000 invested in kits 1 & 2 for $2300!!! Call Craig Stangland at (612) 542-2951 (W) after 4 pm or (612) 546-7415 (H).

FOR SALE: Q-200 kit with straight canard and Tri-Q gear. Can be bought in any stage of completion. Professional work. Also a Rolls-Royce engine for a Q-200. 15 TT, logs, well maintained, starter, alt., oil cooler, slick mags, vac pump pad, $2950. T. J. Wright, P O Box 6, Friedens, PA 15541. (814) 893-5806.

Q-2 PROJECT: Kits 1 & 2, 50% complete, meticulous workmanship plus some interesting extras. $3500, OBO. Tom, Knoxville, TN (615) 579-5408.

TRADE: All or part of a modern firearms collection for a Quickie style aircraft. Ron Wright, Box 2513, St. Louis, MO 63114. (314) 423-5058. Over $22,000 worth of firearms.

FOR SALE: Q-2 kit, 25% complete, $3,900. All foam and patterns cut. Ant. kit, RST 720 radio $695.00. Whelen Lite Strobe $295.00. Pre-fab fuel tank, dual rudders. John Wilke, 1647 W. Mulford Rd., Rockford, IL 61108. (815) 398-5464.

FOR SALE: New Q-2 wheels, brakes, tires and tubes $125. Also new tailwheel and tailspring and spring steel tailspring with cut and welded tailwheel fork. Make offer. Mitch, (716) 344-2695.

FOR SALE: Q-1 Kawasaki 440A engine with mixture control, carb, electrical system with starter, engine mount, muffler, etc, cowling and prop. Negotiable. Dee Brown, Star Route Box 189, Payson, AZ (602) 478-4597. Let ring.

FOR SALE: Carbon spars for Q-200. Converting to sparless canard TRI-Q. Already sanded. $600. Call Marc Waddelow, (512) 629-5281.

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