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QuickTalk 26 - CLASSIFIEDS

NEED ENGINE PARTS: Anyone with a single rotor Duncan Rotary Engine in the same condition as mine (needing parts/incomplete) who want to cut losses and part out their engine PLEASE call Alan Schaffter #2792 at (206) 679-3686. Especially need reduction drive, ignition parts, starter motor, oil cooler, etc.

FOR SALE: Quickie N317Q, 16 TT as 18 hp, now has 20 hp conversion, large wheels, trailerable, strobe, Kevlar, no hard landings, flies great. $3500. Vic Schatz (208) 683-2801.

Q-2 KIT: 35% completed by aeronautical engineer, work inspected by Quickie. Main wing and fuselage built. Have new canard kit, hydraulic disc brakes, pre-fab fuel tank, 2 antennas, untouched Revmaster with electric start, oil sump options. Package 1, 2, 3 and many options. $14,000 new from QAC, will sell for only $9,250. USAF move forced storage in Akron. Capt. Stephen Herrlinger, 54 E. St., Edwards AFB, CA 93523. (805) 258-6005 hm or 277-4495 wk.

FOR SALE: Q-2 #2711, 50% complete. Includes engine, lighting kit, epoxy pump, etc. Meticulous craftsmanship by mechanical engineer. $10.500. Thomas Straub, 129 Severn Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403. Days: (301) 268-5786, Eves. (301) 268-4899.

FOR SALE: 1. LS(1) canard with wheel pants and elevators (broken on rt. side). 2. Old GU canard with elevators. 3. Cleveland 500x5 wheels, brakes, tires and tubes (one landing). 4. Original Q-2 wheels, brakes, tires and tubes. 5. Spring steel tailspring with tailwheel. Call Bob Stark (301) 749-6503, MD.

FOR SALE: Revmaster 2100 D, new, still in crate, $2800. Emmet Arneson, 170 W. Randall Rd., Carroll, IA 51401.

FOR SALE: Quickie Parts: 2 new 42x30 props, new exhaust stacks, small wheel kits including tires, tubes, wheels, scrubber brakes, new prop extensions, complete engine installation kit, new Onan engine with new 20 hp heads and graphoil gaskets, used Onan engine.

Q-2/200 Parts: Complete Q-200 package 2 retro kit, pre-molded wheel pants (made for GU but adaptable to LS-1), new "sticky stuff" epoxy dispensers etc. Complete packages 1 and 2 with pre-molded fuel tank and bulkheads, tinted and clear canopies. Purchase with or without carbon spar. Available with Revmaster or Q-200 engine installation package. 10% completed by builder. Write Bob Benenati, 8181 NW 66 Terr., Tamarac, FL 33319 or call (305) 721-9265.

FOR SALE: Q-2 wheels, tires, complete new hydraulic brake system, $185.00. Tailspring, $60 or offer. Eves (206) 455-5963. Emil Mirsepasy.

JIG FOR BUILDING CANARD, with templates for LS(1) canard, both top and bottom, and even for GU25 canard. Save hours. $75. For details send your day or eve phone numbers to: John Derr, 706 Partridge Circle, Golden, CO or call (303) 236-1506 days, or 279-6722 eves. Also Q-2 tailwheel assembly with spring $25.

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