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QuickTalk 22 - CLASSIFIEDS

For Sale: 22.5 hp Onan with Kevlar engine mount. 70 hrs total time. Runs perfect. No heating or vibration problems. $300.00. Jack Dempsey, (318) 334-3679 noon til 10 pm or 101 Old R.B. Hwy, Rayne, LA 70578.

Wanted: New or almost new Onan engine with mounting kit. State specifics and lowest acceptable price. John Hicks, 121 Wynnhaven Rd., Mary Esther, FL 32569 or (904) 581-0296.

For Sale: One set of LS(1) spars with plans. Make offer. M. Conlin, (409) 273-3486. No collect calls - eves CST.

For Sale: Quickie with new Onan, prop, wide tyres and enough hardware to complete and fly a Quickie. Nominal price. Paul Wright, 46 Sturges Rd., Wokingham, Berkshire, England. Tel: (0734) 789561 home or (0344) 485971.

Q-2 Project for Sale: 40% complete (fuselage and main wing), excellent workmanship. Revmaster 2100 engine with electric start, oil sump. Spar kit for new canard, disc brakes, pre-fab fuel tank etc. Kit in storage in Ohio, I've been assigned to CA (USAF won't move airplane kits). $14,000 worth of kit for $9.950 firm. Steven Herrlinger, 13 Cypress Ave., Edward AFB, CA 93523. (805) 277-4495 (W) or (805) 948-6426 (H).

For Sale: Quickie N317Q, 16 hrs TT, large wheels, 20 hp Little conversion, trailerable, no hard landings, $3500. Vic Schatz, Route 1, Athol, ID 83801 or (208) 683-2801.

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