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QuickTalk 20 - CLASSIFIEDS

FOR SALE. 2 props, one for Onan and Q-1, Great American 42"x28" and Lepper (Canadian) 42"x26" for Koenig Q-1. $50 each, Late eve., (312) 758-7928.

WANTED TO BUY. One retro kit for Q-200, cowling, motor mounts, exhaust etc. Please call collect -- Jim (415) 657-1046. HELP ---- I want to fly soon.

FOR SALE. Q-2 project 50% complete with OSMOH C-85-12. Save $2500 over invested price, $5000 over last factory price. Must sell, bought Cessna 182. $7500. Tom, Knoxville, TN (615) 579-5408.

FOR SALE. Q-2 propeller for Continental C-85 $100.00. Q-2 wheels, tires and brakes $50.00. Ron Gowan, 1707 Dove Loop, Grapevine, TX 76051. (817) 488-8628.

FOR SALE. Quickie N2484. 250TT, 290 lbs, 19.9 hp, large tires, independent brakes, Escort 110. Tested in rain and T.O. of 6000' D.A. 11K or trade for Long-EZ kit. Chris Young (318) 367-3227.

FOR SALE. Q-2 Project 20% complete with $400 deposit on Revmaster engine. Save about $3000 on price of new kit. Dave McCool, 3278 Via Tonga, San Diego, CA 92154. (619) 690-0113.

WANTED. New or almost new Onan engine with mounting kit. Phone (904) 581-0296. John Hicks, 121 Wynnhaven Rd., Mary Esther, FL 32569. When writing, state specifics and lowest acceptable price.

(What's he up to now???--ED.)

FOR SALE. 3/8" Plate aluminum, T-6 hardness for hinge material for forward opening canopy for Q-2. Enough plate for 2. $10 plus shipping. 2 cut out but not polished $20. Also 1 sliding canopy rail set with instructions and hardware for Q-2 $30 plus shipping. Floyd Perryman, 912 Pear St., Jena, LA 71342.

PARTING OUT Q-2: Airframe, painted and undamaged $3000.00, Revmaster 2100 DQ $2500.00, Instruments and radio $450.00, Warnke "Almost Constant Speed" epoxy edged propeller $275. FLA (904) 627-3815. NO COLLECT.

WANTED. For scratch built super-Quickie. If you have a crashed/trashed or never to be completed Quickie, I am interested in the kit parts, which are not detailed in the plans, or detailed drawings of the parts, firewall aft only. Will accept collect calls eves and weekends if you have a real deal or useful information. Doug, Utah (801) 773-8005.

Q-2 CONSTRUCTION TAPE. "Template to Test Flight" 5+ hrs. Specify VHS or Beta. QBA member discount price now $100. Clio Crop care, Box 422, Clio, SC 29525.

FOR SALE. "Poor Man's Epoxy Pump" tested for accuracy and epoxy compatibility. Plans and epoxy handling info $1. Complete unit with plans and info $13 for QBA members. SCIENTEC, 129 Capel St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T 7M1.

FOR SALE. Q-2 Project. Fuselage completed, meticulous workmanship (can be verified by E.A.A.). Only $6,500. (414) 784-6800 or 782-0678.

Broken canard? Original GU for sale CHEAP. H. Nack, (312) 469-2979. No assembly. Any decent offer.

FOR SALE. 2 headsets and intercom system. 1 David Clark H10-30 and 1 Electrovoice (current USAF issue) headset with RST 442B 2 station intercom. Works great! $265. Ted Fox, P. O. Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901. (419) 756-8142.

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