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QuickTalk 15 - CLASSIFIEDS

FOR RENT: (1) Aluminum hotwire templates for Q2/Q200 for rent. $40 for a 2-week period. Call Rocky Mountain Quickie for details, 801-295-9681.

(2) Burt Rutan's video (VHS) on Composite Construction for rent to EAA Chapters or individuals. Call Rocky Mountain Quickie for details, 801-295-9681. Gary R. Jones, Rocky Mountain Quickie, 332 Independence Way, No. Salt Lake, UT 84054.

FOR SALE: Ritz prop never used $125.00; Carr tach used 1 hour $40.00; misc. Quickie parts. Contact: Gary Wilson, 901-586-7313.

FOR SALE: Quickie Serial #406, 22 HP Onan engine, large tire version, upholstery, electric tachometer, full instruments, strobe light nav. lights, white Imron paint, blue stripes, not cut for trailering, but can be done at any time, signed off, but not flown due to illness. Low priced. Contact: Stuart J. Nixon, 11201 Phila. Road, White Marsh, MD 21162; 301-335-4231 (no collects).

FOR SALE: Q2 kits #1 and #2 with Revmaster 2100-D engine. All options included. Will sell engine separate or total package for $9,000.00. Contact: Jim Triggs, 111 Main St., Piedmont, SD 57769; 605-787-6104 or 605-787-4067.

FOR SALE: Q2 premolded wheel pant option for old canard. $50.00 for the pair. Contact: Bill Mueller, 4941 Ginny Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68516; 402-423-1321 evenings.

BURNSIDE AEROSPACE Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Consulting: Although I will be providing services mostly to engineering firms, I would be happy to provide any technical consulting services to member of the EAA or QBA who are designing, building, or modifying an aircraft at rates much reduced from the normal consulting fees. Of course, just calling to talk about Q2's is free and always welcome. Contact: Marc J. Zeitlin, 15 Burnside Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144.

FOR SALE: 22 HP Onan Engine with Kevlar mount and prop $950.00/offer. Contact: Bill VanSice, 453 Val Verde Drive So., San Francisco, CA 94080; 415-871-1641.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #15 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.