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QuickTalk 14 - CLASSIFIEDS

FOR SALE: Revmaster cowl. $200; Plain canopy. $125; Spinner kit. $35; All new. Contact: Bob Davis, 11745 Bricker St., Newbury, OH 44065. (216) 564-9466.

FOR SALE: Q2 with all options; King radios. One of the best in the country. Fast, beautiful, expensive. Owner bought a house. Contact: Charles Hatchette, 1024-B Windtrail, Ft. Collins, CO 80526. (303) 221-5595 or 484-0760.

FOR SALE: Completed new Q-200 canard. Elevators glassed, foam cut, partially glassed elevators. Large size wheel pants and Plexiglas canopy partially glassed. $200 FOB Brownsville, TX. Contact: Marvin Boland, #11 Fox Run, Brownsville, TX 78520. (512) 546-1724 or 546-9550.

FOR SALE: 22.5 HP Onan B48M. Still in crate with Kevlar mount. $750. Contact: Brian Chagnot, 630 Lee Dr., Coraopolis, PA 15108. (412) 264-0950.

FOR SALE: 18 HP Onan as received from QAC. Includes cowling & instruments. Make offer. Contact: Neal Fulco, 2258 S. Von Braun Ct., Harvey, LA 70058. (504) 362-2168. No collect, please.

FOR SALE: Premolded Q2 wheel pants. Also one set of precut foam for old Q2 canard. Contact: Herman Baret, 41 Wolden Rd., Ossining, NY 10562. (914) 968-2500 ext. 3106 days or 941-4058 evenings.

FOR SALE: Revmaster 2100-DQ engine with geared starter and oil sump drain. Still in box. $3100. Contact: Ron Cross, 3622 S. 188th E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146. (918) 663-9357.

FOR SALE: Revmaster engine. Includes starter, vacuum & spinner. Also recently completed old style Q2 canard. Very reasonable. Converting to Q-200. Contact: Jerrell Shepherd, 300 West Reed, Moberly, MO 65270. (816) 263-5800.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #14 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.