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QuickTalk 14 - ODDS and ENDS

Reprinted from WESTERN FLYER, courtesy of Gene Cartwright, #2096: "The FAA has issued an emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) applicable to aircraft equipped with Bendix magnetos as listed below: S4LN-21/1225/1227, S4RN-21/1225/1227, S6LN-21/23/25/1225/1227, S6RN-21/23/25/1225/1227, S4LN-200 P/N 10-163005-7, D-2021/2031, all D-3000; except Bendix blue label impulse coupled magnetos with the following serial numbers and above: S-20 Series: B-001171 or A297043; S-200 Series: B-001732 or A297043: S-1200 Series: B-001162 or A297043: D-2000 series: 35550: D-300 Series: B-000249 or 5806. Engine stoppage, attributed to failure of the magneto impulse coupling, has occurred in two aircraft (less than 200 hours operating time). It was found that the impulse coupling flyweights had been improperly heat treated (soft) and had worn rapidly and jammed. It is believed this damaged the engine accessory drive resulting in engine failure. Compliance within the next 10 hours of engine operation is required unless already accomplished for all affected impulse couplings having less than 300 operating hours. The AD was issued September 19."

Duncan Aviation Engines (Rt. 1, Box 256, Comanche, OK 73529. (405) 439-2473) has developed three different Wankel engines for the Quickie and Q2 in the 45, 60 and 120 HP range. Dan Duncan has informed us that he has a need for customer airframes for local flight testing using his new engines. Interested QBA members may contact Mr. Duncan at the address above.

RENEWAL REMINDER: Those members whose issues expire with this issue should remit $5.30 ($6.60 Canada, $8.00 overseas) for membership renewal. This will see your QUICKTALK subscription through December 1984. You may submit your 1985 dues of $8 ($10 Canada, $12 overseas) at the same time if you wish. Thank you for helping us convert to our new schedule outlined in Issue #12.

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