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QuickTalk 11 - Q2 HINTS

From Ron Cross, #2397:

1. (Page 9-7) The plans method for mounting the ailerons is a little misleading. If you fit CS10, CS6 and CS7 against the shear web, you may not be able to obtain the 0.06" clearance between the aileron and the slot core while maintaining a 0.4" glass-to-glass bond on the slot cores. If you hotwired the slot cores too long or got too much micro under the slot when mounting them, then CS10, CS6 and CS7 will be too short to reach the shear web. I suggest that you cut the three pieces 0.2" longer than the templates, if possible. You can then trim them down until they fit against the shear web while maintaining the 0.06" aileron clearance and 0.4" glass-to-glass bond. Also refer to QUICKTALK #4, page 3 on setting the aileron clearance.

2. (Page 9-7) To obtain a tighter fit when joining torque tubes, use taper pins rather than bolts.

3. (Page 9-7) Several aileron assembly parts simply did not fit together. The aileron spacer must be reamed out for CS11. Q2CSA4 must be reamed out for its entire length so that CS11 can be moved through it for aileron removal. Finally, the Q2CSA4 would not fit in the CS7 bearing block. This machining requires a lathe. Do not turn down CS11 because Q2CSA4, CS6 and the aileron spacer are all different sizes.

4. (Page 17-1) UNPROVEN IDEA. I plan to install the main tank fuel filler pipe on the left side in case I can mount dual control sticks on the center and right side consoles.

5. (Page 17-3) UNPROVEN IDEA. To prevent fuel from sloshing out the header tank ram air tube, I plan to run the tube down inside the overflow tube about 1".

6. (Page 9-3) UNPROVEN IDEA. I installed four seatbelt attachments (SH1) at BL4 and BL14 on each side. This should prevent the belts from kinking as they are run into the cabin.

7. (Page 5-1) UNPROVEN IDEA. My aileron slot cores were hotwired too narrow and will have to be built up with micro before being glassed onto the main wing. If I had it to do over again, I would have modified the templates to make the cores 0.1" wider. After the cores are mounted you have the glassed main wing and the glassed slot core tails to use as a guide to sand the cores down.

From Fred Wemmering, #2296:

1. (Page 15-1) I recommend that the 2 BID as shown around the area next to the joint be 3" and 2". When removing the inside shell skin and core foam at the 10 locations, make the area 1.5" x 2" on each shell (a total of 3" x 2") sanded down to the outside shell skin. The reason for this increase in size of the area for the 9 BID is to allow the mounting plates to fit better.

From Bob Falkiner, #2015-Can.:

1. (Page 9-7) The isometric drawing in QT #6 (NOV/DEC 1982) shows Q2CSA4 reversed relative to the plans. Also CS12 should be labeled CS5.

From E. T. Mueller, #2310:

1. The longerons will bend beautifully - but it takes time. I recommend starting this as soon as possible and being patient. I used a five-gallon bucket of water (2/3 full) and bent both at one time. Support longerons at the very ends and change location of the bucket to obtain the desired shape.

2. To make a ventilation scoop, I cut two lengths of PVC tube at 50 degrees and mounted them at that angle direct to the sides of the fuselage (flush outside with 2 BID inside. When cured you can cut a NACA shaped scoop very easily into this structure. Use flexible tubing to connect to an eye-ball vent or some other shut-off device.

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