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Q: Has anyone designed a heater and defroster system for the Q2? (Robert Eliason/Lynn Wallas, #2530)

Q: There should be a way to measure the temperature of the hot wire used to cut the foam. Guessing is not good enough. (Vic Schatz, #317)

Q: Has anyone spray painted their Quickie or Q2 with an airless spray gun? Would appreciate comments on the problems and results. (Fred Wemmering, #2296)

Q: I have not purchased my kit as yet, but my resistance is lowering day by day. I'm interested in contacting people who have purchased kits and failed to use any or all of the parts for the Q2. My idea is to get into the project somewhat less than the current $11,095 plus tax. Do you suggest I pay for a Classified Ad in QUICKTALK to contact people interested in selling second-hand kits? (Leonard Juchau)

A: Without question, you can save some money by buying a second-hand Q2 kit. Probably QUICKTALK and SPORT AVIATION are the best places to have a Classified Ad if you wish to purchase someone's kit. (QUICKTALK's ads are free to members.) Naturally, you will have to make up your mind how far along in construction you wish to buy someone else's airplane. Unless you find a kit available still in the original boxes, it would be best to take along a current Q2 builder to give an unbiased opinion of the construction quality. In any event, inventory all parts before purchase and notify QAC of the sale.

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