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QuickTalk 6 - ODDS and ENDS

Many of QBA's original members should be reminded that their subscription ends with this issue. If this is the case, you will have a separate notice stamped on the outside of your issue. To renew, simply mail your dues to: QBA, 82 Stable Court, Waldorf, MD 20601. Renewals before Jan. 1 may take advantage of the old rates. Please mention your kit serial number and that you are renewing your membership.

Ken Brock Mfg. may have hit upon an idea to end the vibration problem of Quickie exhaust pipes. By inserting simple stainless steel ball joints in the upper quarter of an aircraft's exhaust system, engine vibrations are almost completely dampened out. Although intended to be a solution to split flange welds, the principle would appear to carry over for the Quickie problem. It is not known if Brock would have a direct-fitting hardware piece for the Quickie, but you may wish to investigate his idea. A catalog of this and other products may be had for $3. Send to: Ken Brock Mfg., 11852 Western Ave., Stanton, CA 90680

Rutan Aircraft recently stated in their newsletter, CANARD PUSHER (Oct. '82), they do not recommend the use of auto fuel in a composite fuel tank. This is due to possibility of toluene in the fuel, which might have a damaging effect on the resin matrix. This is especially true of the unleaded or low lead auto fuels. The damage may be very insidious and may take years to become obvious. Safe-T-Poxy is much more resistant to aromatics than the previous RAE epoxy, but may still be affected in the long term.

QBA is starting to receive first reports on the aileron reflexer system available from QAC. Our initial information is very favorable from the standpoint of performance. However, there are more-than-usual grumblings about the price from QAC. We are currently aware of several reflexer systems being made from scratch. Please keep us informed of all future installations.

In a telephone conversation with Gene Sheehan, it was confirmed that QAC is investigating a new engine and canard for the Q2. Both the C-85 and O-200 (100 hp) are being evaluated in the Q2. Both look very promising and it is a good possibility that QAC will market adaption kits. A test on Dave Elliots' Q2 at Mojave with the O-200 engine has attained a speed of 240 mph!

The new canard is expected to have better flight characteristics and add a couple of mph to the top end speed. Gene says this beefed up canard (which includes carbon fibers) would be necessary for the heavier O-200 engine.

The $148 basic starter for the Revmaster is no longer available. Only the geared electric starter ($280) is now offered.

Revmaster Aviation will be moving their Q2 in with Howard Meissner at Chino, CA. It will be used as a test bed for the turbo engine and the constant speed prop. We are hoping Howard will keep us informed of its progress. These options are expected to be offered early next year.

For those that missed the announcement, Garry LeGare has developed a cruciform-tail trim system for the Q2. The modification is said to give added pitch authority over the current system. Initial reports say it will take only 6 man-hours to install and will be retrofitable. Cost will be $30 for the plans and an extra $50 for the necessary hardware.


Due to an increase in production costs, QUICKTALK will be forced to change its subscription price as of Jan. 1, 1983. This is being necessitated as a result of using outside firms for services previously available at no cost. We have also taken into account the postage differences for non-U.S. members. The new structure will be:

U.S. Members: $8.00/year

Canadian Members: $10.00/year

Overseas Members: $12.00/year

We sincerely regret this increase and hope our readers will understand.

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