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QuickTalk 5 - ODDS and ENDS

QBA has decided to reserve a block of dorm rooms for Oshkosh '83. We think this will allow a convenient (and fun) way for builders to meet each other. It will also provide a central point for all QBA members to congregate. At present we are asking for only 15 rooms to be held. These will be issued on a first-come first-serve basis. Therefore, if you are interested, drop us a line. Details will be printed in later issues.

Jim Wilker (#2294) of Paradise Valley, Arizona wrote to remind us about the good work being done by the folks at Radio Systems Technology. R.S.T. specializes in homebuilt avionics for the do-it-yourselfer. They sell a $5 antenna kit for composite airplanes. Jim Weir of the R.S.T. staff wrote an excellent article on hidden antennas in the September 1982 issue of HOMEBUILT AIRCRAFT, which should be required reading. You can receive the same information by sending Radio Systems a SASE requesting "Quickie Antennas". When you write them you might as well ask for their catalog. Their address is R.S.T., 10985 Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

With all the recent fuss about the Quickie electrical system, most builders did not have an accurate way to measure the charge condition of their batteries. However, the Yuasa Battery Corp., the leading supplier for most of the motorcycle manufacturers, sells a special one just for testing these smaller cells. The Yuasa battery tester looks like an oversize eyedropper with five small colored balls housed within the glass tube. By noting the number of balls floating when acid is drawn in the tube, the condition of the battery may be determined. The tester can probably be found at most motorcycle shops for around $2 or write Yuasa at Box 1262, Reading, PA 19603.

It is our understanding that QAC has developed a new packaging program for the Q2. The kit is now offered as packages #1A (fuselage) and #1B (wings, canard, etc.) The two packages together are equivalent to the previous package #1. This program was established to help those with limited funds get started with construction.

Saylor Milton wrote us saying the most frustrating job in building his Q2 so far has been measuring, trimming, and sanding the prefab gas tank. After finally fitting the tank to the fuselage, he made a template of its final shape. He said he is willing to share this template with anyone who will mail him a sheet rather stiff paper measuring at least 43" x 32" and enclose a suitable SASE for return mailing. He will trace the template and mail it back free of charge. (And you thought nothing was free anymore.) His address is: Saylor Milton, 1100 Cliff Ave., Fillmore, CA 93060.

A recent call from Bob Falkiner of Canada lets us know that his "Poor Man's Epoxy Pump" has become immediately successful. Bob's only problem is that so many people have been writing him, that he can't keep up with all the requests for materials. As a result, Bob has graciously consented to send his article to QBA members so that they may purchase materials locally to build a ratio pump. Just send Bob $1 to cover paper and postage for the plans. His address is: 129 Capel St., Sarnia, Ontario N7T 6S9, CANADA. Although QBA has not tested the pump, we found the plans to be straightforward and easy to follow.

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