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QuickTalk 3 - Q2 HINTS

From B. M. Wood, #2365

1. (Page 12-1) When using a water-filled tube for transferring level lines, I had poor results with 1/4" I.D. tubing. After I bought some 1/2" I.D., it worked fine.

2. (Page 17-1) The header tank sight gauge can be made more visible by placing a colored 1" long float in the tube.

3. I installed a "glove compartment" in the seatback bulkhead using 1/4" foam with a matching hole in the canopy bulkhead. The main wing is the top of the box.

From J. D. Granzella, #2038

1. (Page 14-4) We deleted the fuel gauge as shown and installed Aircraft Spruce's mechanical one just to the right of the center console. It will read from the right. Be sure to watch the baffle clearance.

2. (Page 17-2) If simply floxing the gas lines in the foam of the gas tank and header tank bothers you as it did me, solder a small flange (use Alumiweld) onto the pipe and then flox onto the foam.

3. (Page 14-1) Run the 3/16" Nylaflow tubing without cutting through FS 175 all the way outside fuselage. If not, you may have trouble feeding the rudder cable through.

From S. W. Hanke, #2148

1. For those having trouble locating a control stick boot for the Q2, if their center console is 5", NAPA Balkamp 620-4158 Boot and Plate fits nicely. Just open center hole to fit stick.

From Bill Slattery, #2130

1. (Page 8-1) Instead of using Bondo to position the female jigging templates, try a 2x4 attached to the bottom of the template. This assembly can be nailed to the jigging table and is easy to reposition.

2. Pay particular attention to the area behind the center instrument panel sub-panel. Very congested. Fuel pump and supply line, fuel return line, pitch control, manual pump, control push rod, elevator control, etc. all in one spot.

From Ennis Barlow, #2214

1. The following may be of some help to those that want dual controls. We installed dual rudders and dual throttles with one stick in the middle.

(Ed. Note: If you are a Q2 builder and are wondering why the Quickie members have a full page of hints this issue and you don't, the problem rests with yourself. Those guys have been sending in more than three times what you have. Frankly, the QBA staff finds it hard to believe that Q2 builders are not having a few problems and also finding better ways to do things.)

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