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Q-talk 74 - SUN 100 RACE

This year's race was similar to last years except we raced the course backwards. The direction they run the race is dependent on the runway winds. Whatever runway they are taking off from at the time of the race defines which way the course will be run. Last year we took off from runway 09 and this year we left from 27. For all the years that this race has been run, this is only the second or third time they have had to use 27.

Just like last year, my main thought prior to the race is to make sure that I turn in the right direction after takeoff. :-) From then on it's nothing but a quick cross-country ride.

I did get a chance to pass one of the other racers this year. Like last year, the planes were staged with the fastest planes leaving first. Your place in line determined by the speed you submit with your entry form. A gentleman in a TRI gear KIS aircraft got a reality check on his speed when the three planes behind him all passed him.

The competition in the 100-149 hp class was a little stiffer this year. Klaus Savier has made a habit of winning races and we didn't expect him to change.

Bob Malechek ran a good race and came in second behind Klaus. Bob turned in a good time of 26:36 for his effort. That comes out as an average speed of 213 mph. Remember this time is from a standing start. I was able to finish third with a speed of 206. Sam Hoskins also ran a good race and finished with an average speed of 188 mph.

The only planes that were able to post a better time than Bob (except Klaus) had a 180 hp engine or better. The Quickies continue to show what low drag and weight will do for you on a lower horse power engine.


100-149 H.P. CLASS

1stKlaus SavierVarieze24:14234 mph
2ndBob MalechekQ-20026:36213 mph
3rdTom MooreQ-20027:36206 mph
4thJack FehlingVarieze28:00202 mph
5thSam HoskinsQ-20030:10188 mph
6thR. BernhardtTRI-KIS32:03177 mph

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