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Q-talk 71 - OTTAWA PIX

Bob Malechek

Larry Koutz

Nathan Peck

Dave Carlson

Jerry Marstall

Bruce Crain

Les Hildebrand

Earnest Martin

Terry Crouch

Sam Hoskins

Paul Fisher

Bob Farnam

Most of the eyes were open when the QBA forum got started at 08:00.

It was great to see all the Q-birds on the flight line at one time.

The staging area for the Performance Evaluation. Everyone submitted a top speed and the planes were placed in that order, fastest up front.

Les Hildebrand waits for the signal to start the Performance Evaluation. Terry Sickler and Alan Thayer did a good job of keeping things organized. Thanks guys!

Alan Thayer got to be the first person to taxi Terry Crouch's Reserve Grand Champion Quickie. Alan thought he was just going to get to sit in it when Terry asked him if he wanted to taxi. Alan was grinning from ear to ear.

The whole weekend was topped off with a relaxing time at the Country Club. The food was good and the company was extra special.

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