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FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 completely built, swing away mount, some instruments, some surfacing work to do before paint, controls, wheels and brakes in, strobes, prop extension, pictures in Q-TALK. $8500. Call W. Bertrand (517) 539-3333 evenings - MI

WANTED: Flying TRI-Q with C-85, C-90, O-200 or Subaru, no VW. Completed aircraft only, no projects. Terry O'Neill, 791 Livingston St., Carlyle, IL 62231

FOR SALE: Brand new Scott Swing TRI-Q conversion kit complete. In perfect condition! Original price was $1970. I'm asking $1500 with Matco wheels and brakes or $1000 without. Make an offer. I'm reasonable. Mike Hunton (219) 534-2900 - IN

WANTED: Carbon fiber spars for Q200 canard. If you know where I may obtain a set or have construction information, please call or write. George Wilson (713) 463-4239, 16639 Ben Ledi, Houston, TX 77084

FOR SALE: Untouched, like new Q2 cowling, and a Q200 cowling with molded inlets and NACA oil cooler vent. Also Rosenhan wheels and brakes for a Tri-Q complete. Call Dennis Colomb (707) 449-6355 or write 743 Raven Dr., Vacaville, CA 95687-7258

WANTED: Needle and ball instrument; either vacuum or electric. Contact Dale Vandermolen, 3336 Floyd, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (512) 855-3801

FOR SALE: Q1, 260 hrs AF, ONAN 22 hp, 50 hrs snew. New gauges, paint, tinted canopy, custom int. All papers & nwsltrs. $3000. Genave 1000 (digital 720+200) built-in VOR head $400, Escort 110 (360+200) built-in VOR head $150. Matt, Monterey, CA (408) 373-5001

WANTED: ANY parts for the 22.5 hp Quickie ONAN, such as prop extension, carb heat box, engine baffling, shock mounts, etc. Let me know what you have! Ask for Tim (205) 646-2968 - AL

FOR SALE: Q2 kit complete, 0-time Revmaster, oil filter, vac pump, stainless steel exhaust, drum and disk brakes, 50% complete, no time to build. $8.000. Pat Myers (608) 582-4541 - WI

NEEDED: Full set of instruments for a Q1. If you have a crashed, storm damaged or irreparable Q1, please call. I want a full set of instruments with plumbing, sensors and all attachments. Collect OK. Roger, Sonora, CA (209) 533-0955

FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 - 150 hours TTAF $15,000. Call Bob Stark (904) 769-7067 - FL

WANTED: Used Quickie - Contact Mike Vendetti, 18705 Walkers Choice, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

WANTED: Exhaust system for Revmaster powered Q2. Jerry Kennedy (605) 336-7875 - SD

WANTED: Information leading to the building/purchase of a Super Q with a landing gear moved inboard and a 40 hp engine. Contact Samuel Walton, 1144 E. Broadway, Altus, OK 73521. (405) 477-3093

FOR SALE: Q200 parts, etc. 4" prop ext (SAE1), 2 HAPI Ultracarbs, electric fuel primer, O-200 engine mount set, top cowl, Jeppesen airway manual binders, Plantronics headset w/PTT and BNS, 20+yrs Sport Avia., Aviation Consumer, Flying. John (505) 281-0969

FOR SALE: Ellison Throttle Body Injector, model EFS-3 for engines 100-150 HP $900 OBO. Also included is an unused factory plenum box (a $300 value). Brian Martinez (805) 943-5379 - CA

FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 - 0 time O-200 by certified mechanic, LS-1 canard, air frame 95% complete, std. instrument panel. $15,500 invested. Call Jack Moritz (503) 648-6007 - OR

THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING THERE! The 1995 "Field of Dreams" Ottawa, KS Q-Bird/Dragonfly Fly-In on VHS video. 8 hrs. of workshops, pilot interviews, fly-by's, ground displays, air-to-air video and Awards Banquet. All for $26 (foreign $36). Free shipping. FRIENDLY VIDEOS, P. O. Box 11929, Prescott, AZ 96304. Master Card/Visa call (520) 778-6988 ... and thanks!

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