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Why should I build a Q200?

6 years 1 month ago #1612 by MartinPac
Hi all!

I'm looking for a fast experimental plane, and I've came across rutan designs, first the LongEz and now the Q2 and its derivatives.

I am looking for a fast, experimental plane with rotax engine and the Q200 seems to be a good choice, but there are a few questions and concerns.

I'll be operating mainly from a 2000 Ft grass strip in Argentina, (Grass being the reason why I discarded the Ez and its pusher prop). Would this runway length be suitable for a Q200?

¿Is Q200 the same as Q2 but with a bigger engine?

I think that it would be possible to build a Q200 without having a kit. Of course it will requiere some work but it should be possible. ¿Right?

Quickies don't seem to be so popular, ¿Are there any drawbacks to consider? How would you convince me to build one? :)

Thanks in advance.


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6 years 6 days ago #1665 by CharlieN
Replied by CharlieN on topic Why should I build a Q200?
The approach speed of these planes is pretty high resulting in a rollout commonly needing 3000' or longer.
30+ years ago when I was building my Q1 I intended to go right into a Q2 build but where I was on a 2200' paved strip followed soon to a 2700' grass I was advised to not build the larger plane.

The airframe is the same between the Q2 and the Q200.
These planes originally were supplied with pre molded fuselage shells, something really new to the building world at the time such that building without at least the original fuselage will be a completely different scope of work.

Plus the migration to the LS airfoil utilized a Carbon tapered tube spar, although these technically are available again the cost to get a set down to you might not be attractive.

Charlie N
Q1 447 Rotax and LS-1 canard

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