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Quickie Q200 - Take Off/Landing Performance

7 years 2 months ago #1577 by deanflyer

I'm looking at a buying a Quickie Q200 Tri-Q. Before I start looking at anything else I would like opinions on operating it from a 610m hard runway (2000ft) runway. Is there a POH online anywhere?

I would be operating it solo.

From a few posts i have found online this seems marginal, but would welcome feedback.


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7 years 1 month ago #1578 by F3A-1


I have not flown a Q-200, but I have 20 hours in a Q-2, solo and with passengers, from sod and paved runways. I would think it would function fine from 2,000 ft (clear approaches and departures) with no serious cross winds.

If the owner/seller would demonstrate simulated 2,000 ft operations and take you along it should lessen your concern. If it is a matter of you not being comfortable with higher performance on that runway, look for something a little slower. If you are a smooth pilot and cautiously self confident it helps. You have to make the final choice, as you would on each flight. Q-2's and Q200's are great airplanes.


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