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Q-200 LS1 Instructions and Template Sheets
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Q-200 LS1 Instructions and Template Sheets

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Downloadable PDF reproductions of the Six Large (W) Appendix sheets and the LS1 Airfoil Canard Construction Plans as originally supplied by QAC to build the updated canard for the Q-200.

This is a ZIP file that contains all of the Large Appendix Sheets (W1 - W6) that were originally supplied by Quickie Aircraft Corporation to build the updated LS1 Airfoilf canard for the Q-200.  Also included are the 10 page construction plans for the new canard.

Once payment is made you will be able to download the file, unzip it, and print the individual PDF files at a local printshop full size.

Since most print shops will have a printer that can produce prints that are 36" wide by any length, I have reformatted these Appendix sheets to fit on 36" paper. (The original QAC Appendix sheets were 38" wide.)

All of the PDF''s include a border set within the printable area of the paper that can be checked with a ruler to ensure your print is not distorted.

This set of Q-200 Large Templates Sheets also contains the following 11x17 instruction set:

Construction of LS(1) 0417 MOD Q-200 CANARD (10 pages)

The actual template pages contain the following part templates:

Appendix Sheet W1

CS14 Assembly
CS15 Pivot Template
CS17 Midspan Elevator Pivot
CS 19 Outboard Elevator Pivot Template
BL100 Elevator Template
BL48.8 Elevator Template
BL15 Elevator Template
BL100 Elevator Jigging Template
BL48.8 Elevator JiggingTemplate
BL15 Elevator Jigging Template
BL31.9 (Approx.) Canard Core Jigging Template

Appendix Sheet W2

LS1 Wheel Pant Core Template

Appendix Sheet W3

View A-A Wheel Pant Shaping Template
View B-B Wheel Pant Shaping Template
View C-C Wheel Pant Shaping Template
LG4 Landing Gear Insert

Appendix Sheet W4

BL48.8 Canard Core Jigging Template
BL15 Canard Core Jigging Template
BL100 Canard Core Jigging Template

Appendix Sheet W5

BL48.8 LS1 Canard Elevator Rigging Template
BL74.4 (Approx.) Canard Core Jigging Templates
LG2 Wheel Pant Cover

Appendix Sheet W6

BL100 Elevator Slot Core Template
BL48.8 Elevator Slot Core Template
BL15 Elevator Slot Core Template
BL100 LS1 Canard Template
BL48.8 LS1 Canard Template
BL15 LS1 Canard Template

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