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Reflexor Instructions
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Reflexor Instructions

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This is a PDF reproduction of the Aileron Reflexor Plans supplied by Quickie Aircraft Corporation for the Q2 and Q-200. (5 Pages)

This is a PDF reproduction of the Aileron Reflexor Plans supplied by QAC.  (5 Pages)

Description: The aileron reflexor changes the faired setting of the ailerons in flight to a setting below and above the neutral setting (0°) of the ailerons. It does so by changing the length of the stroke of the vertical push-pull ail eron tubes located on the FS94 bulkhead of the Q2 and Q-200 kits. The basic aileron torque tube bearings are removed and replaced by a bearing that is displaced vertically by a cam. As the cam is rotated the aileron torque tube and vert i cal push-pull tubes are moved up and down. This will cause deflection of the aileron torque tube over it's entire length, eliminating fatigue of the tube, and the use of universal joints.

The net effect of being able to change aileron settings in flight enables the pilot to fine tune the aircraft's flight and landing attitude for various weight and cg conditions. Also, for the Q2 with GU Canard, in heavy rain, it's adjustment will help unload the canard and reduce trim changes due to rain effect.

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