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Q200 For X-Plane 7.63
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Q200 For X-Plane 7.63

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A Quickie Q-200 for X-plane Version 7.63


Not that I have a LOT of spare time, but in my "spare time" I created a Q-200 aircraft file for X-plane Version 7.63

This updated version has a "Belly Board" to help reduce your landing speeds, and a mockup of the paint scheme I've been toying with for my own Q-200. (My wife's name is "Kerry" in case you were wondering where the name comes from.)

At any rate, I can't say for sure that this perfectly matches the flying characteristics of a real live Q-200, but I can for sure say that you can NOT land this simulated plane unless you cross the runway threshold at about 80 kts!

In addition, because of the unique landing gear arrangement on the Q-200 taildragger, you'll need a pretty good video card and high computer processor speed in order for X-plane to figure out what to do on the ground with this plane!  If you're on the ground and bouncing all over the place, you'll need to reduce the rendering options in X-plane to ensure a higher frame rate.  Ideally, you'll need a frame rate above 40 fps in order to get good ground handling.

I hope you enjoy this first version of the Flight Simulator model of the Burt Rutan designed Quickie Q-200.  I will be updating the file for X-plane versions 8 and 9 whenever I get a few more "spare moments."  LOL!

In the meantime, you can use this one.  If you don't currently have a copy of X-plane Version 7.63, you can download a demo copy for free from the x-plane website.

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