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Single Seat Quickie Plans
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Single Seat Quickie Plans

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Plans for building the Single Seat Quickie kitplane.

I have been a Quickie enthusiast since I was a little kid, but since that time Quickie Aircraft Corporation has gone out of business and original kits and parts are getting harder to find.  To make matters worse, there are lots of sellers on eBay and similar sites that are selling copies of the plans on CD that they downloaded for free from the internet!

If you've bought one of these sets of plans (or downloaded the free version) you'll notice that there is often a lot of information, and sometimes even entire chapters missing!  In addition, these bargain basement copies have photos that look like they were a fifth generation Xerox copy.

Well, I was frustrated by these copies myself and decided to put my design skills to good use. I finally managed, after several years of trying, to locate an original set of Single Seat Quickie Plans.  I have digitized this complete original paper set of plans to bring you THE most complete set of Quickie plans that you could ever hope to buy. I scanned every single page at 400 DPI with different levels of contrast. (One level for photos, and one for text.)

Next I combined the two files so that the images and the text were crystal clear. In addition, I cleaned up all the pencil markings made by the original builder, and removed the blemishes, dirt, and holes digitally. (Since all of the pages are scans of the original documents printed by QAC ALL of the pictures are perfectly legible.)

On June 4th, 2009 I completely updated the PDF file to make it easier for you to navigate.  Instead of keeping all of the chapters in separate files, I combined all of the chapters into a single file.  Next, I created a digital Table of Contents.  Now you can click on the heading and description of the page and be taken there instantly.

Once payment is made, you'll be able to instantly download all 20 Chapters of the plans, plus the extras, in a single ZIP file. (No waiting for a dissapointing CD to arrive in the mail!) You can print the PDF's full size at 11x17" or follow along on your computer.

This set of Quickie Construction Plans contain the following chapters:

Q1 Plans Addendum - Contains Plans Changes 1-18
Chapter 1 - Description/Introduction
Chapter 2 - Bill of Materials/Sources
Chapter3 - Composite Materials Education
Chapter 4 - Miscellaneous Parts
Chapter 5 - Hot Wiring
Chapter 6 - Ailerons and Elevators
Chapter 7 - Building the Fuselage
Chapter 8 - Vertical Fin and Rudder
Chapter 9 - Building the Main Wing
Chapter 10 - Building the Canard
Chapter 11 - Wheel Pants/Wheels/Brakes
Chapter 12 - Fuel System
Chapter 13 - Mounting the Wing and Canard
Chapter 14 - Fuselage Details
Chapter 15 - Canopy
Chapter 16 - Instruments and Pitot Static
Chapter 17 - Engine Installation
Chapter 18 - Electrical System
Chapter 19 - Finishing/Painting
Chapter 20 - Large Wheel Option

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