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Q-200 Metal Parts Drawings
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Q-200 Metal Parts Drawings

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Drawings of all the metal parts for a Q-2 or Q-200 with detailed dimensions.

As I removed the metal parts from my Q-200 project I painstakingly documented each one with a detailed CAD drawing in Solidworks.

I published these drawings as a PDF so that others could view the dimensions of the Q-200 metal parts. This could be just the thing you're looking for if you're missing one or more metals parts for your own project.

You can download a free sample drawing by CLICKING HERE.

Your payment is handled securely through PAYPAL, and once your payment is complete you can instantly download all 68 pages in PDF format.

These drawings contain the following parts:

Q2CSA11 Aileron Counterweight Arm
Q2CSA4 Aileron Control Horn
QCS3 Spacer
Control Stick Pivot Bushing
QCSA1 Control Stick
QCSA2 Control Stick Control Horn
QCSA3 Aileron Bellcrank
Q2CSA8 Elevator Control Horns
QCSM1 Spacers
QCSM2 Elevator Midspan Pivots
QCSM3 Elevator Midspan Pivot Pins
QCSM7 Elevator and Aileron Outboard Pivots
QCSM5 Elevator And Aileron Outboard Pivot Pins
Q2CSA10 Rudder Bellcrank
Rudder Pedals
QCSM4 Elevator Midspan Pivot Bushing
QCSM6 Elevator And Aileron Outboard Pivot Bushing
CS-11 Aileron Control Tube
Canopy Latch C-1
C-2 Canopy Catch
CS-17 Elevator Midspan Hinge
QTW3 Tail Wheel Swivel Arm
QTW5 Tailwheel Bracket

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