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Q-Talk Issue 98
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Q-Talk Issue 98

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Q-Talk Issue 98


The Quickie Builders Association has been continuously publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for over 30 years! The newsletter is full of tips and tricks for Quickie Builders and Flyers alike.

Dave and Susie Richardson published Q-Talks 85-108 between 2001 and 2004.
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This listing is for Q-Talk 98 only. You can choose to receive this issue via instant PDF download, or printed hard copy for just $1 more.

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Q-Talk Issue 98 contains the following articles:

Q-Talk 981Dave RichardsonFLY-INSUN 'N FUN 2003 - A YEAR OF CHANGES includes opening day, Sea Dart & more. Notables - Charmin's Pottypalousa & pictures. QBA Forum - new faces, tip sharing & discussion. Hot Dog Roast - Q trailer design?
Q-Talk 984Dave RichardsonRUNWAY 27LRUNWAY 27L - Q family loses Bud Starns in first flight. Includes picture.
Q-Talk 984Mike BergenBUILDER TIPSEPOXY 101 - (All Q's) - Resins for Homebuilders - Part 1 includes overview, common terms and what to look for. To be continued next issue.
Q-Talk 986Sam HoskinsBUILDER TIPSWEB TIPS - Taken from the Q-List - Robert Justin asks "what is the best lubricant to use on Aileron control rod in the console & the tubing behind the bulkhead. Sam Hoskins responds with what he uses and why.
Q-Talk 987Keith WelshFLYINGWING TIPS - Landing A Quickie - Knowing your Quickie and its habits. Major differences between Quickie and Dragonfly.
Q-Talk 987Terry CrouchSAFETYBEST PRACTICES - (All Q's) - Corrosion Protection - Varieze community expresses concern over aluminum corrosion. The importance of lubrication maintenance. Includes drawing.
Q-Talk 988Dave RichardsonREGISTRATIONGETTING CLOSE - (All Q's) Countdown to First Flight - Registration Part 2 - Resources, reserving your N-number, registration processing priorities, what to do after days of no response and answering "what if's".
Q-Talk 988Mike BergenBUILDER TIPSQ-TIPS - Building Hints -(All Q's) - Clean Composite Surfaces - Caution when using shop rags. Simple test to insure your cured composite surface is truly clean.
Q-Talk 989Dave RichardsonBUILDER TIPSMATTOON-CHARLESTON, ILLINOIS TANDEM WING FLY-IN 2003 - All you need to know.
Q-Talk 989Dave RichardsonBUILDER TIPSCOWL FLAP - Everything Engines - (All Q's) - Zafety Wire Refresher - "Use it or lose it". Reviewing safety wire techniques. Includes drawings & graph.
Q-Talk 9810Dave RichardsonBUILDER TIPSCOWL FLAP - Everything Engines - (All Q's) - Quick Countersink - Simple countersinking in fiberglass or wood. Pictures.
Q-Talk 9811Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSQBA ON THE GROW! A listing of new members since the last newsletter.
Q-Talk 9811Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSCHECKING IN - Comments, thoughts and updates from Lyle Ungerecht, Ted Kibiuk and Steve Whiteside.
Q-Talk 9811Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSCLASSIFIED ADS - For Sale - Q-200 project, Various Q items, Original Revmaster cowling-Continental O-200A, Limbach Aircraft engine SL 1700E, Revmaster-Cowley prop-Hegy prop, Missing or lost back issues of Quicktalk or Q-TALK, Vinyl graphics. Wanted - Pair of carbon fiber spars for Q-200 LS1 canard.
Q-Talk 9812Howard SchucklerPHOTOSHoward Schuckler`s Q2


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