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Q-Talk Issue 94
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Q-Talk Issue 94

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Q-Talk Issue 94


The Quickie Builders Association has been continuously publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for over 30 years! The newsletter is full of tips and tricks for Quickie Builders and Flyers alike.

Dave and Susie Richardson published Q-Talks 85-108 between 2001 and 2004.
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Q-Talk Issue 94 contains the following articles:

Q-Talk 941Dave RichardsonFLY-INRECONNECTING - Oshkosh 2002 report includes Hoskins places in race, Patillo & Farnum participate in flights, Whiteside leads forum, QBA Forum, Brat Roast, Impromptu dinners, Rutan awes the crowd and P-51's plus lots of pics.
Q-Talk 943Dave RichardsonFEATURED PLANE/PILOTFEATURED PILOT - Jim Doyle is from Springfield, IL. He and fellow QBAer Larry Weishaar built a two-place Quickie but later converted it to Tri-gear. Read more to find out why. Includes pictures.
Q-Talk 944Sam HoskinsRACING/RECORDSQ-SPOTLIGHT - Fly cross-country? Check that one off Sam's list. What's next? The story of Sam in the AirVenture Cup Race.
Q-Talk 945Steve WhitesideFIREWALL FORWARDCOWL FLAP - Everything Engines - (All Q's) - Measuring RPM`s with the use of a small electric motor.
Q-Talk 946Mike ShuckFLYINGQ-SPOTLIGHT - The Quickie Airfoils (All Q's) - Analyzing airfoils used in Quickie aircraft - Part 1 discusses basic terminology and the GU canard. Includes graphs.
Q-Talk 948Spud SpornitzFLY-INFLY-IN - Coffey - 12th Annual Field of Dreams 2002 - All you need to know.
Q-Talk 949Steve HamFLYINGFIRST FLIGHT - Steve takes his first flight and cheers on two other Hoosiers!
Q-Talk 949Kevin BoddickerPROGRESS REPORTSERRATA - Kevin sets the record straight on his new wing and gives a further update.
Q-Talk 949Darrell DanielsREGISTRATIONHANGER TALK - (All Q's) - Registration Lessons - How to get your plane registered without the plane's paperwork.
Q-Talk 949Mike CallahanCOOL TOOLSWEB TIP - Calculators/Converters - a great web site for useful tools.
Q-Talk 9410Chris McAteeFINISHINGQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) - Finishing Glass - Easy technique to insure smooth surface.
Q-Talk 9410Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSQBA ON THE GROW! A listing of new members since our last newsletter.
Q-Talk 9410Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSCLASSIFIED ADS - For Sale - Q-200, 22.6 hp Onan-Q1 instruments & parts, Q1 70% complete, Q2, Q-200 project, Missing or lost back issues of Quicktalk or Q-TALK, Vinyl graphics, Livermore 2001 Fly-In video, Ottawa 2001 Fly-In video. Wanted - Unmounted Q2 canopy.
Q-Talk 9411Dave RichardsonFLY-IN12TH ANNUAL FIELD OF DREAMS TANDEM WING FLY-IN 2002 REGISTRATION FORM. All necessary information included.
Q-Talk 9412Dave RichardsonPHOTOSSam Hoskins and Jim Patillo's Q200's at Oshkosh 2002.


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