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Q-Talk Issue 93
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Q-Talk Issue 93

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Q-Talk Issue 93


The Quickie Builders Association has been continuously publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for over 30 years! The newsletter is full of tips and tricks for Quickie Builders and Flyers alike.

Dave and Susie Richardson published Q-Talks 85-108 between 2001 and 2004.
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Q-Talk Issue 93 contains the following articles:

Q-Talk 931Dave RichardsonFLY-INMATTOON 3D - 2002 - A true builder's event. Doyle Disassembles & Discusses after taking off Q's tail. Clever ideas and modifications revealed! Crouch inspects a plane and finds significant flaw in main wing. Includes pics.
Q-Talk 933Dave RichardsonFEATURED PLANE/PILOTFEATURED PILOT - Meet Keith Welsh, co-owner of a large farm in the state of IL. Read about his journey from renting a slow plane to building a Quickie.
Q-Talk 934David GallFIREWALL FORWARDCOWL FLAP - Everything Engines (All Q's) - Prop "Clocking" or Indexing - Explaining this concept and understanding why it is important. Includes diagram.
Q-Talk 935Dave RichardsonFLY-INFLY-IN - Livermore 2002 - Second Annual - Dates, location, web address, women's outing info.
Q-Talk 935Dave RichardsonFLY-INFLY-IN - OSHKOSH - 2002 - 50th Annual - Dates, web address and a checklist of items you may find helpful to bring along. Includes Forum and Brat Roast info.
Q-Talk 936Dennis ClarkFIREWALL FORWARDCOWL FLAP - Everything Engines - (Onan) - My Cool Onan - Modifications made to aid cooling Onan engine. Includes pictures.
Q-Talk 937Dave RichardsonPROGRESS REPORTSCHECKING IN - It's Alive! - Successfully completing first step in taxi testing Tri-Q2. Includes pictures.
Q-Talk 937Sam HoskinsINSTRUMENTSPRODUCT WATCH - Westach Woes - To validate current tachometer readings, pilot tries a different one and gets a surprise!
Q-Talk 938Robin NashFLYINGQ-SPOTLIGHT - (All Q's) - A first flight that did not end well. Lessons learned. Picture included.
Q-Talk 939George IngramPROGRESS REPORTSCHECKING IN - Tri-Q200 partially complete. Threw away first two carbon fiber spars.
Q-Talk 939John DunnPROGRESS REPORTSCHECKING IN - Using Farnam's separate cables bell crank to rudder & tail wheel idea (QT #84). Carrying idea on to passenger side. Also picture.
Q-Talk 939Ted KibiukPROGRESS REPORTSCHECKING IN - Pilot's Quickie to be used at the Children's Museum of Utica, NY. Sit in the cockpit and imagine true flight with special enhancements.
Q-Talk 939Bill & Lilly ButlerMISCELLANEOUSCHECKING IN - Writers and their friends from England enjoyed QBA Hot Dog Roast, hospitality and friendly atmosphere.
Q-Talk 939Capt. M.E. BrownPROGRESS REPORTSCHECKING IN - Main wheel alignment and tail wheel replacement. Sighting tool. Includes additional information on new bracket and a second battery.
Q-Talk 9310Bud StarnesFINISHINGQ-TIPS - Building Hints (All Q's) - Importance of a grounding strap when painting. Interested in electronic ignition systems? Web site address provided.
Q-Talk 9310Bruce CrainFLYINGQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) - Establishing a stable pitch.
Q-Talk 9310Sam HoskinsBUILDER TIPSQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) Taping the inside of the tail cone - According to the writer, this is THE way to accomplish this job (takes two people).
Q-Talk 9310Steve WebsterBUILDER TIPSQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) - Warming epoxy resin.
Q-Talk 9310Susie RichardsonBUILDER TIPSQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) - Pantyhose in the Hangar - Try this handy, time-saving and FREE item.
Q-Talk 9310Jim PatilloFIREWALL FORWARDQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) Fabricate Your Own Front Spinner Bulkhead - Option 2: Writer describes the process used when working with aluminum.
Q-Talk 9310Jim DoyleFIREWALL FORWARDQ-TIPS - Building Hints - (All Q's) - Fabricate Your Own Front Spinner Bulkhead - Option 1: Writer describes the process used when working with fiberglass.
Q-Talk 9311Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSQBA ON THE GROW! A listing of new members since April 2002.
Q-Talk 9311Dave RichardsonMISCELLANEOUSCLASSIFIED ADS - For Sale - Q-200, 22.6 hp Onan-Q1 instruments & parts, Q1 70% complete, Q2, Q-200 project, Tri-Q200 project, Tri-Q conversion kit less nose gear & wheel pant, Missing or lost back issues of Quicktalk and Q-TALK, Vinyl graphics, Livermore 2001 Fly-In video tape, Ottawa 2001 Fly-In video tape. Wanted - Un-mounted Q2 canopy, Tires for Q1.
Q-Talk 9312Robin NashPHOTOSRobin Nash`s Q2


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