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Q-Talk Issue 61
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Q-Talk Issue 61

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Q-Talk Issue 61


The Quickie Builders Association has been continuously publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for over 30 years! The newsletter is full of tips and tricks for Quickie Builders and Flyers alike.

Tom Moore published Q-Talks 49-84 between 1995 and 2000.
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This listing is for Q-Talk 61 only. You can choose to receive this issue via instant PDF download, or printed hard copy for just $1 more.

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Q-Talk Issue 61 contains the following articles:

Q-Talk 611Jim MasalEDITORIALNewsletter in 15th year! New builders don't have a clue what they are in for BUT there are still lots of helpful resources - most importantly YOU, the QBA member!
Q-Talk 613Keith WelshFIREWALL FORWARDLETTERS - Quickie finally satisfies builder's dream after seven years of typical Onan issues.
Q-Talk 614James PostmaBUILDER TIPSLETTERS - The key to finding excellent directional control. Update - engine top rebuilt, cylinder heads upgraded. Landing technique.
Q-Talk 615Doug BrablecPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Ground handling a cake walk after Tri-Gear installation. Update includes O-200 engine w/Warp Drive prop, header tank w/floating magnet and transfer pump, speed brake, aileron trim system.
Q-Talk 615Barry CharltonBUILDER TIPSLETTERS - Brief description of writer's electronic display. Problem with exhaust mount threads on Zenoah head.
Q-Talk 616Derek ClarkePROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Re-setting the nose wheel. After 88 more hours, still no sign of cracking on circumferential support for spinner.
Q-Talk 616Terry CrouchPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Pressure measurements yield more usable information.
Q-Talk 616Bill BennerPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - 1996 highlights include replacing exhaust pipe system, installing wing leveler and candle/jack arrangement under fuselage.
Q-Talk 616Brian MartinezPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Update includes trying to find 15 more MPH and lose 20 degrees of oil temp. Modifying instrument panel.
Q-Talk 617Jim DoyleFLYINGLETTERS - January flight to Decatur, IL results in icing conditions. Quickie wind screen remains clean.
Q-Talk 617Larry KoutzPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Fixing broken canard and tail cone. New prop a Prince "P" Tip. Q database still for sale.
Q-Talk 618Bill BennerPHOTOSLETTERS - Cam jack resolves flat spotting. A great way to attach a tow bar.
Q-Talk 618Marion E. BrownPHOTOSLETTERS - Subaru installation.
Q-Talk 619Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSCLASSIFIEDS - For Sale - Tri-Q200, Thunder Quickie, Two Onans, Q2 still in the original boxes, Bickerton folding bicycle, Q2, Q200 kit w/carbon fiber spar, Q1 kit. Wanted - For a Q200 a glassfiber tailspring/suitable stock material or info on where to look.
Q-Talk 619Tom MoorePHOTOSQUICKPIX include tailspring/tailwheel setups and John Touchet's winner.


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