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Q-Talk Issue 58
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Q-Talk Issue 58

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Q-Talk Issue 58


The Quickie Builders Association has been continuously publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for over 30 years! The newsletter is full of tips and tricks for Quickie Builders and Flyers alike.

Tom Moore published Q-Talks 49-84 between 1995 and 2000.
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Q-Talk Issue 58 contains the following articles:

Q-Talk 581Jim MasalEDITORIALOSHKOSH '96 - At least 10 Q's. QBA ACTION - Bushings seem to be the only thing wearing out. BANQUET - Conversation on alternative engines. BACKPORCH - From soup to nuts. OTHER OSHKOSH HIGHLIGHTS - Honoring Korean and Vietnam veterans. Burt brings Boomerang.
Q-Talk 582Bob FarnamPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Flight controls, cowlings (top, bottom) and tail cone sanded. Guide coated entire plane to find high and low spots. More sanding. More thoughts on System 3. (See next two articles.)
Q-Talk 583CSA NewsletterFINISHINGLETTERS - Reprint from Central States Canard Newsletter - Disgruntled LongEZ user writes to System Three mfg with complaints of intensive need for "elbow grease" on finish and thin cracks after 2 years. Response follows in next article.
Q-Talk 583W. Kern HendricksFINISHINGLETTERS - Reprint from Central States Canard Newsletter - Response from System Three regarding complaint (see previous article) - No complaints from airplane, boat or other item users nor negative test results. More info and sample needed. Preliminarily believes issue is with substrate.
Q-Talk 583Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSBIT & PIECES - New QBA Access - post office box, email address or via floppy diskette.
Q-Talk 584Tom MooreFLY-INBITS & PIECES - FLY-IN - 6th Annual Dragonfly/Quickie/Q-2/Q-200 Fly-In '96 dates.
Q-Talk 584Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSBITS & PIECES - Terry Sickler compiles parts lists.
Q-Talk 584Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSBITS & PIECES - Advanced Composite Technologies still have some parts for Q-2/Q-200's.
Q-Talk 584Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSBITS & PIECES - Airheart Performance Products has master cylinders and rebuilt kits.
Q-Talk 584Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSBITS & PIECES - Lost and NOT Found - Returned newsletters. Anybody know these people?
Q-Talk 584Alan ThayerBUILDER TIPSLETTERS - Follow-up on new carbon sparless canard for Q-1 aviators.
Q-Talk 585John KalbrenerPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Purchased plane which had been idle for 11 years. Fixed some damage, changed carbs. A few other things need to be worked out.
Q-Talk 585E. L. PuckittPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - A thank you to Steve Whiteside for the bent "C" antenna article in Q-TALK #42, page 4. Achieving very flat SWR readings.
Q-Talk 585Charles KuhlmanPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Detailed update includes performance stats, info on Revmaster issues, improvements and follow-up on leaky header tank.
Q-Talk 586Art JewettPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Fishing out valve stem made easy. Modifying fuel vent system. Fuel vent lines causes rough engine. Problem solved.
Q-Talk 586Mike HuntonPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Finds sag in both cores of his Tri-Q project. Considering Matco brakes, VW engine.
Q-Talk 587Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSLETTERS - OTTAWA '96 - Fly-in dates.
Q-Talk 587Tom MoorePHOTOSQUICKPIX include Dick Shapley's Q-200, Sam Hoskins' prop, Kimbull McAndrew and his Q-235, Cowlings off, George Wilson's good shot, Terry Crouch's Q-1 show, Jim Doyle's cowling and a Q1 from U.S. to U.K.
Q-Talk 589Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSCLASSIFIEDS - For Sale - Q2, Q2 project, Tri-Q conversion kit, 2200DQ engine, Q2 props-Q1 wheels & brakes, Tri-Q200, Q2 80% complete, Q2 kit complete-Revmaster-misc items, Q200 parts-prop ext.-misc items, Tri-Q200, 18 HP Quickie. Wanted - Flying Tri-Q, Used Quickie.


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