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Q-Talk Issue 52
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Q-Talk Issue 52

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Q-Talk Issue 52


The Quickie Builders Association has been continuously publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for over 30 years! The newsletter is full of tips and tricks for Quickie Builders and Flyers alike.

Tom Moore published Q-Talks 49-84 between 1995 and 2000.
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Q-Talk Issue 52 contains the following articles:

Q-Talk 521Jim MasalEDITORIALOSHKOSH '95 - Good turnout of Q's includes first timers. Terry Crouch awarded Reserve Grand Champion in the plans built category. QBA ACTION - BANQUET well attended. FORUM - Joint venture w/DF's. HOMEBUILDERS CORNER - Progress reports and burning questions. OTHER SHOW MEMORIES - Two new huge exhibit barns Field full of warbirds. Bill Varga injured in takeoff for Oshkosh.
Q-Talk 523Clive ClaphamFIREWALL FORWARDLETTERS - Installing a Lycoming O-235. Tips - cheap vacuum bagging.
Q-Talk 524Mark F. HawkinsPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - New Quickie owner anxious to get started. Harry Buskey proves he's interesting and informative and graciously shares his Quickie video tape with new member.
Q-Talk 524Dennis ColombPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Update includes finding System III primer works well.
Q-Talk 525Mike SorrellsPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Advantages of aluminum tank over the glass one. Update includes wing & ailerons done and ready to mount. Foam core cutting is next. Project will be a TRI-QBARU with 118 hp EA81.
Q-Talk 525Jim BatesPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Waiting for warmer weather to work on second canard.
Q-Talk 526William E. FisherPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Medical lost. Quickie for sale.
Q-Talk 526Robert BoundsBUILDER TIPSLETTERS - Aircraft electronic ignition found for $775. Interesting finishing method.
Q-Talk 526Bill BertrandPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - May put Q2 project up for sale.
Q-Talk 526Bud MeneleyMISCELLANEOUSLETTERS - Sold Q200 several years ago but continuing membership as he enjoys hearing what's going on.
Q-Talk 526Bill DillonPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Thanks for renewal reminder. Wife has been waiting for the newsletter. Planning to take to the air in Citrabrias, Q2 and Q-200 before deciding whether to do own first fight.
Q-Talk 526Ted KibiukMISCELLANEOUSLETTERS - Grounded due to health issues. Still amazed with crashworthiness of his Quickie.
Q-Talk 527Igor MokrysPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Things are looking up. Now have more time to continue building activities.
Q-Talk 527Farris WootonPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Update includes wheel pants about done and main wing is jigged.
Q-Talk 527John DerrSAFETYLETTERS - Determining how well different Qs fly. Wonders if engine offset angle would be an interesting parameter to measure. Regarding fire safety - Sport Aviation column discusses Halon 1301 central fire suppression systems. Recommends nomex fireproof flight suit.
Q-Talk 527Rod GrahamPROGRESS REPORTSLETTERS - Q2 sold and moved to CA. Saw a video of first flight. Bought a boat!
Q-Talk 528Tom MooreMISCELLANEOUSCLASSIFIEDS - For Sale - Tri-Q, parting-out complete Rotorway RW-100 engine-misc items, Quickie Supreme, have Onan engine need all the around stuff to make it complete, Q-2/200 kit-misc items, Q-200 with 375 Lycoming O-235, Warnke prop, Quickie Prototype. Wanted - Q2 complete documentation set or Q2 kit.
Q-Talk 528Tom MoorePHOTOSQUICKPIX include top, front & under the hood of Reg Clark's EA-81, Jim Ham, Dave & Susie Richardson, Jim Masal, George Bell, Sam Hoskins, Gary Jones, Art Jewett, Walt Halloran, forum crowd and Sam Hoskin's joy.


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