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Q-talk 90 - Nov/Dec 2001 - index

Quickie Builders Association
Together we build better planes!

Nov./Dec. 2001
Issue Number 90

The thick stack of the Far Side one-page-per-day calendar on my desk is dwindling down to the thickness of a few layers of BID. The nights are growing colder and longer. People with too much time on their hands (i.e. no Q projects) are hanging Christmas lights on their homes . These signs must mean we are about to end another year.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Jim Masai over the past 20 years. His unique form of motivation and continual chant of "Build it per the plans!" rings, as it should, in all of our ears. I doubt there can be anyone more dedicated, involved and committed to the Quickie planes than Jim. He has certainly been this group's sparkplug. Most of us have felt the zing of his wire brush delivery of important information to help build and keep safe planes in the air. We thank you, Jim.

2001 has been a significant year for Susie and me. After accepting the editor's position of this newsletter, we looked at each other and said, "OK. Now what to do we do?" All the builders and pilots like Jerry Marstall, Kurt Van Dyke, Terry Crouch and others who provided information and photos about their planes really helped us through the transition. We have all benefited from their experience and support. You have our appreciation.

to be shared. The authors of the articles researched building problems by reading source documents, asking questions and developing possible solutions. They made informed decisions on how to proceed. Once they had positive results, that information was shared with the group via Q-Talk in an effort to document the original issues, their reasoning and their solutions. The benefit of sharing the information in a written form is, if someone is faced with a similar problem, they can refer to the Q-Talk article which saves them from reinventing the wheel. QuickTalk and Q-Talk have been and will continue to be our collective memory for important issues pertaining to the building and flying of Q's. Please, add your tips and articles today. If you find writing difficult, give us your idea and we'll help you develop an article. We need your input. Please help to continue the growth of this valuable newsletter. If each of you would send in just one article or tip with your 2002 membership dues, we would have material for many issues.

Susie and I wish you and your family a wonderful, safe and productive New Year! We hope to see you at the many upcoming fly-ins in 2002. Watch for details of Quickie events in future issues of Q-Talk.


Articles from this issue:

Non-flying Canard Airplanes Needed - by Tonya Rutan
Featured Pilot - Paul Fisher - by Dave Richardson
Cowl Flap - Everything Engines - VW - by Dave Richardson
Cowl Flap - VW Case Studs - by Alan Thayer
Q-tips and Builder Hints - by Bob Farnam & Jim Patillo
Q-tips - Builder Hints - Drill Guage - by Dave Richardson
Carbon Rod LS(1) Information for Quickies - by Alan Thayer
A Lifting Experience - by Dave Richardson
Hangar Talk - Motivation - by Jim Patillo
Hangar Talk - N777EG (formerly N920MR) - by Eric E. Gardner
Airheart Brake Fluid Leaks - by Tom Moore
02 Fittings - by Dave Richardson
Firewall Bolt Orientation - by Dave Richardson
QBA on the Grow! - by Dave Richardson

A current QBA member may have one free ad per issue. It may be a maximum of five lines of type and will be edited to fit space available. Items advertised must be owned by the QBA member. The ad contact must be a member name. Ads will be run for two issues and then the ad must be resubmitted. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Please note that these ads may no longer be valid. They are included here only as part of the online archive.]

FOR SALE : Continental A80-8AT, O-SMOH, rebuilt Ben-dix Mags.(Impluse on left Mag.), Carb, tapered shaft with prop hub. Total weight 1781bs. Came with TRIQ200 project, but since I'm in the Denver area, looking for 0-200. $3,900 Bob @ 720-304-0662

FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 Project. Structurally complete. Zero time 0-200 engine (log available). Some instruments and radios (new). 20K+invested. Asking $13,900. For photo/info/ log package contact Ted Fox, PO Box 23, Mansfield, OH 44901-0023. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FOR SALE: TRI-Q conversion kit, $1500.00. Sam Kittle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 209-785-2931

FOR SALE: 0-200 engine with 44 hr SMOH, 10 hr on slick mags and harness, key start with new starter drive, baffling and oil cooler to fit on Q-200, gear drive 50 Amp alt, recent inspection. $5,500.00 OBO. 407-497-1090 (Day) or 407-321-4981 (Night). Located in Florida.

FOR SALE: Andair, 6" pneumatic tail wheel spare tires and tubes. $46 plus postage (from England), total for tire and tube. These wheels improve ground handling and are quieter. If interested, contact Chris Rayner: tel 00 44 13 67 82 02 31; e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WANTED: Unused RAE resin and hardener to finish building Q1. One gallon w/hardener should be sufficient. A reasonable amount of crystalline sediment OK. Please respond to 520795-1491 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FOR SALE: Q2 includes 0 time Revmaster still in the box. Fuselage halves/firewall together. Latest canard jigs. Vertical fin and wheel pants done. Includes Q200 plans and carbon fiber spars, newsletters, epoxy pump. Contact Farris Wooton 573-751-6047 wk, 573-896-8400 hm or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. state.mo.us $3,000.00

FOR SALE: Q1 project with all main flying surfaces and fuselage done. Other parts included but no engine. Excellent workmanship. Barbara Wilson, CA. 916-726-7456. $1,000.00 plus shipping and handling.

Jim Patillo's award winning Q200 flying in the mountains of California. Need a cure for the winter blues? Read Jim's article on page 8 and see if you aren't ready to mix up some epoxy.

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