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Quickie Builders Association Member Benefits



Easier Than Ever to Contribute and Collaborate

Members can now Collaborate and Contribute a LOT more easily. To submit articles, pictures and video, simply LOG-IN to your account, and click the "Submit Article" Button on the user menu that appears on the left. You can also upload comments, pictures, videos, and files to the online forums.When you become a Quickheads Forum Master you can apply to moderate the discussions.

Free Memberships

Not only is it easier to submit articles and collaborate online, you can now be rewarded for doing so! Every member can earn a free membership renewal just by being an active community contributor. Simply refer new members, write articles, contribute photos, videos, and audio, or help moderate the forums. In addition special memberships will be provided to members who have consistently contributed to the group for many years. For example, all former Q-talk editors will receive a free lifetime membership!

Unlimited "For Sale" Items

As soon as you become a member, you can begin posting your own classified ads!  You can upload 10 pictures to each ad, and edit your ads as much as you want.  Simply click the "Post Classified Ad" link that appears on the USER MENU when you log-in.

This service is free to all current paid members, and there is no limit to the number of ads you can create! Clean out your garage, and help other Quickie Builders find the parts they need!

Automatic Renewal

Now you'll never have to worry about your subscription running out. Simply sign up for Automatic Renewal, and your account will always be current. Better yet, you don't even have to join or renew in January. If you sign up in June, your account will renew in June! This keeps more money in your pocket close to the Holidays!

You can cancel your Membership at any time simply by visiting the "My Membership" link on the User Menu when you log-in.

Interactive E-mail Newsletters

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. . . so what is a video worth? E-mail newsletters provide functionality that you could never get in a printed version. Videos are just one example!

The QBA Bi-monthly Newsletter will be an e-mail sent out to all current paid members. When you pay for your membership online, you are automatically added to the QBA mailing list. These newsletters will contain links back to any "members only" content that was created during the previous two months.

Current Members, will have access to all current articles as soon as they are published. So there's no need to wait for the newsletter to arrive in the mail. All current and future articles will be placed in the Newsletter Archive and available to paid members 24/7!


We can keep each other honest and most importantly safe with the ability to leave feedback on any article we place online. This allows each contributor to hear back from the people reading the article and propose better, faster, and safer methods.

Q-talk Back Issue Archive

I saved the best for last! I have worked out an agreement, and will begin posting some of the Back Issues of Q-talk online starting immediately. A portion of your membership will be used to license the content of Q-talk Back Issues from the editors that created it. This means that your membership could one day give you access to all of the information collected by QBA over the last thirty years! When completed, all of the Q-talk articles will be searchable, using the SEARCH function at the top of every page.  Simply type in a topic, and be taken to the actual article!

In addition, your continued membership will be a great way to say THANKS to all of the editors who have put so much time and effort into providing you with quality information for many years.

When you're ready to join simply