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I'm not sure when the last fall TRI-GEAR kit was sold, but when the demand dropped off, it has been difficult for Scott Swing to put much time towards maintaining the TRI-GEAR business. Even with the low demand for the kits, Scott continued to support the group and the product as best he could.

QBA member Mark Greenwood has been talking with Scott about picking up the TRI kit. They have come to an agreement that allows Mark to take over the production and support the TRI-GEAR kits. Mark is well familiar with the TRI kit since he has built and is flying a TRI-Q-200.

Mark has just completed the initial phase of his plan to make the full TRI-GEAR kit available for the Q-2 and Q-200 conversion. After looking into all of the requirements, Mark feels he is ready and full kits and parts are now on the shelf.

There is an introductory price of $1995.00 on the first three kits that are sold. This includes the new nose gear unit with the cast aluminum fork. The wheel pant for the new nose gear is not included. They should be available soon. The new nose gear is sold separately as a replacement for $290.00. They are undrilled to match any installation. Scott Swing will still manufacture the main gear bow and the new nose gear leg and cast aluminum fork. Mark currently has 3 nose gear units in stock. When these sell, new ones will be ordered as needed, but Mark believes that a fast turn around should not be a problem.

Mark Greenwood

549 Forest Retreat Rd.

Hendersonville, TN 37075-2247

phone 615-264-9996

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new "BEEFIER" nose gear.

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