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A current member may have one free Ad per month. It may be a maximum of five lines of type and will be edited to fit space available. If you want to take up more space, call for rates. Free advertising is a courtesy and this is not Trade-a-Plane. Items advertised must be for or owned by the member. The Ad contact must be a member name. Company names mean a commercial Ad at QBA current rates. Write for this info.

WANTED: Will pay top dollar for Q2 complete documentation set in excellent condition. May also be interested in a Q2 kit for right price. Call Bob, Days (509) 928-5169, Nights (509) 448-0155.

WANTED: LS-1 Canard or a set of carbon fiber spars for a Q200. Also looking for component builder who could build up a LS-1 canard. Joseph Morrison (805) 987-0188.

FOR SALE: TRI-Q. Fresh O'haul on Cont. O-200 by certified mechanic. Airframe 95% complete, std. instrument panel, starter and Gen. electric system. $10,000. Comes complete with a custom Tri-Q trailer. Jim Dempsey (318) 984-9322, 7-9 p.m. CST Louisiana.

PARTS FOR ROTORWAY RW-100 Tri-Q: LSE CD ignition w/vac. advance. Slick 4230 mags, HAPI ultracarbs, 4" prop ext., prop crush plate, Warnke 56x58 prop, O-200 eng. mounts, Skinner elect. eng. primer welded parts, T-tail, call for complete list. John Derr (505) 281-0969.

FOR SALE: Quickie airframe with Rotax conversion (liquid or air-cooled engine) 176 hrs TT. No engine or prop $2,000. Chris Barber, 437 Will Raby Road, Toney, AL 35773 (205) 852-8764.

GIVING UP ON ONAN? I bought a Quickie kit with everything except firewall forward. I do have the ONAN engine, but need all the around stuff that will make it complete. Cowling, prop hub, engine mounts, etc. Collect OK, Roger (209) 533-0955, Sonora, CA

Q-2/200 KIT #2559, carbon fiber spar, glass hardware, brakes, instruments, all foam cores cut, fuel tanks, canopy and console installed. All plans, templates and jigs. Excellent workmanship. $1,500. Kevin Howard (713) 486-6183.

Q-200 with 375 SMOH Lycoming O-235. Nearly finished. No medical. $10K. (510) 254-7843 for specs and photos.

WARNKE 56x52 PROP, flown 15 hours, 155 MPH at 2950 RPM, for Revmaster, like new, U.S. $250, Posa carb $20, Revmaster oil pump $20. Kimbull McAndrew, Box O, Site 19, RR #1, DeWinton, Alberta, T0L 0X0

FOR SALE: Quickie prototype N77Q. Industrial engine Onan B48M-GA018, complete construction plans and parts. Partly completed. $2,000 or best offer. Joe Wasche (218) 346-7650.

REVMASTER 2100 D 80 hr SMOH and extra parts. Sterba prop and original Q2 prop. Clevland wheel and brake assy. Used Q2 cowling. I need a Q-200 mass balance arm. (405) 242-0618.

FOR SALE: Q-200 72 hr TT A/E 100 hp Cont. O-200 all access. "0" major, full panel Nav/Com, loran, trans/encoder, max cruiser 170 mph, top = 200 mph. Looks and flies #9 (1-10) $24,000 OBO (407) 324-9433.

FOR SALE: Q2. Zero time Revmaster, instrument panel, controls in place and on her own legs, 90% complete, this is a gem. $6,500 (512) 855-3801.

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