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Q-talk 137 - I Gotta Have Me One of Those

I few years ago when I was cutting my header tank open, I barrowed a Fein MultiMaster tool from a Cozy4 builder.


This thing cuts thru fiberglass like a hot knife thru butter and cuts thru a glass/foam sandwich without any delamination. I decided then and there that I HAD to have one of these tools. Sadly, the price back then was about $300 and that was way beyond my weekly allowance.

Good news though! I just found a Chinese copy on sale at Harbor Freight for $35.00 (with the coupon from their flyer). I bought one last weekend but have not used it yet. For you guys still building or rebuilding, I would HIGHLY recommend this tool.


Jon Finley N314JF - Q2 Subaru EJ-22

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