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Q-talk 132 - Nov/Dec 2008 - index

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Nov./Dec. 2008
Issue Number 132



Why Attend a Fly-in?

Here is a good example of why we go to the trouble to put on the Tandem Wing fly-ins for you. Greg Bruns flew his Dragonfly to this year's Field of Dreams fly-in from South Carolina to be with others who fly and build these airplanes and to exchange ideas. It's normal to check out the aircraft that show up and to discuss with the builders how they solved problems they have had over the years. Its also normal to admit the problems you have had. Greg had always had high oil temps during climb out. His cruise oil temps were within the operating limits, but were on the high side. He showed just about everyone his engine installation and discussed how he was going to rework his baffling and inlets to try to solve the high oil temps. He had routed the exhaust air from the back side of his oil cooler to two round holes located on the bottom of his cowl. He was discussing this with Paul Spackman and Paul made a suggestion that he cover his exit holes with a streamlined ported cover. That's when the creative juices started flowing and Paul and Greg came up with an inexpensive way to test Paul's idea. Look closely at the photo on the next page and you will see the idea they implemented.

They took a plastic pop bottle neck and cut it to form the desire shape and taped it to Greg's cowling with shipping tape. Then Greg went for a test flight. The result had Greg smiling from ear to ear. Even with the outside temperatures near 80 degrees, Greg's oil temps were nearly 50 degrees lower! That's why you come to these fly-ins!

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For Sale: LoPresti style cowl for Q200 and streamlined wheel pants for Tri-Q. Contact Earnest Martin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 828-230-5378

For Sale: Q2 with LS1 (project) Too busy with family matters to put my Q back in the air, so I have decided to sell her. While this was a flying airplane, I am selling this as a project without an engine. I had a hard landing in Sept. of 2005 and wrinkled the top skin on the passenger side canard. This has been repaired and is in primer. This airplane has the following features: LSI canard; wing tip lenses covering 3 position strobes and lights; three panel belly board; reflexor; dual sticks; dual finger brakes and forward mounted instrument panel for improved knee room. Instruments that come with it include Westach 4 in one engine monitor, airspeed indicator, altimeter, rate of climb, electric turn coordinator, compass, engine tach.; manifold pressure, (No Comm. radio), Narco transponder, & an intercom. Good flying bird for someone to put back in the air. Can be converted to a Q200. Photos available. Asking $7800. Call Doug Humble at 402-2509075 or email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Sale: I reformatted the large Appendix Sheets for the Q-2 plans and they are now available for immediate download on my website as PDF files. Simply go to www.quickheads.com and visit the "Stuff For Sale" link.

For Sale: Q200 project including: Fuselage, bulkheads, wing, ailerons, elevators, vert stab, rudder, & tubular spar canard assembled. Many parts completed. No wheels, tires, brakes or instruments. Epoxy pump, two rolls of fiberglass, micro beads, hardware & extra items purchased from a Quickie dealer. Plans & old newsletters. Has to be out of my hanger by Jan 1, 2009. Asking $500 or best offer. Mike Brown 214-435-5323 Dallas, TX

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An old picture of our old friend Jimmy Masal.

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