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Q-talk 110 - Jabiru 2200 in a Q-2 GU

When I first saw the Jabiru engine in 1996 in Oshkosh, I was immediately interested. It was compact, light, developed 25 % more power than my RevMaster and would, hopefully, be more reliable. In about 500 hrs flying time, I experienced recessing valve seats, sticking valves, cracked heads and finally a cracked block with the RevMaster.

It took me seven years to make the jump. I was stimulated, and inspired, by the example of Paul Spackman and Steve Kulszycky who put Jabiru 3300's in their Q's. But for my undertaking, four cylinders would be enough! I wanted to save weight, and limit the expense.

It took me nearly a year to complete the change. The most difficult part for me was the making of a new cowling. I had read Jim Masal article in Q-Talk and it seemed relatively easy. Well...

I was concerned about the affect of temperature on epoxy, so I decided to use Vinyl Ester which has a heat distortion temperature of 210-220 degrees. Never again! It is a disgusting product to work with; sticky, stinky. I had also forgotten how much sanding went into making fiberglass parts (my Q was finished in 1985). I am happy with the result and I think this engine is going to be fun and I can't wait for spring. I only flew it 2.5 hours before winter set in. Cruising speed is marginally better, 145 mph instead of 140 mph at 3000 rpm, but climb is improved by 400 fpm. A different prop may give a better cruise. My empty weight is now 570 lbs down from 610 lbs. The airplane is 6.5 inches longer. I have included a few pictures. Anybody interested in discussing this installation may call me.

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