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Q-talk 89 - QBA on the Grow!

The following people have joined the QBA since September 2001. Welcome aboard! This is just the beginning of a special relationship with fellow Quickie enthusiasts from the USA and around the world. We hope you find the other members of the group very knowledgeable and friendly.

To the long-time QBA members, please seek out the new members in your area and help them get established.

Kelly Poor

Glendale AZ

Bill McCaleb

Tucson AZ

Jordan Funk

Alturas CA

Floyd Welch

Fallbrook CA

Ray Collins

Redding CA

Daniel Anema

Stockton CA

Bob Marietta

Superior CO

Clifford Cady

Brandon FL

Kevin Boivin

Clearwater FL

Darrell Daniels

Kirksville MO

Barry Rochford

Toowoomba Queensland


John Packer

Minden Ontario


Thanks for joining the group. We want to learn more about your project, so please send us a note about your progress.


You can order a printed copy of Q-talk #89 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.